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How does this sound? (Pmac 1.6 setup)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by josepht, Aug 8, 2003.

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    Below is the new Mac outfit I'm thinking of getting. I'll be doing the normal Web surfing and productivity (word processing, presentations, etc.) work with it--plus making an MP3 collection. How does the following setup sound? I'll be ordering from MacMall.
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    The image I attached won't show. Let's try again! :(
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    Well, for what you're doing, this is serious overkill. An iMac would more than suit your needs. But if you go the route of the G5, which i wouldn't blame you for (it's a damn cool machine), go with the Apple display... That would look so much better, plus you're not being redundant on speakers... Apple displays just have that little something extra that makes them feel perfect to use...

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    A 17" Apple LCD is $700!! And is probably no where near as good as the NEC as the 17" Apple is getting on a bit. I'd stick with the NEC.
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    Deleted by pilotgi
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    Re: #$^$

    You can get 1GB of quality memory from Crucial for $177.98

    I don't think a 1.6GHz is overkill. If you are buying a computer now, buy the fastest one you can afford.

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    Daveman Deluxe

    Don't get the Apple Pro Speakers. Get a set with a subwoofer from a company such as Altec Lansing, JBL, or Harmon-Kardon. Yes, I KNOW the APS drivers are Harmon-Kardon, but they still are overpriced, especially since the sound isn't that great.

    If I were you, I'd get a set of fibre-channel 5.1 speakers so you can have a good DVD-playing rig as well, unless you already have a good home theater setup.

    You're doing fine with regards to what you're buying. Sure, it's more than enough for what you need, but if you want to dabble in home movies or a little gaming, you'll be glad you paid the extra money.
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    I agree on the speakers, look for better quality like Monsoon.
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    Do the old G4 speakers even work with the G5s? Doesn't it use the mini-speaker port? If I'm wrong, please don't slam me, I just don't feel like looking it up.
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    I agree with Arn. I don't think the base-model G5 is overkill. I want this computer to last five or six years like the G3 I'm using.

    From what I've seen, the NEC monitor is just as good, or better, than Apple's 17'' Studio display. I'm working on a budget, so the two hundred dollar price-difference is also quite nice.

    I'll look for some better speakers. Although I love music, I've never been able to see any difference between "good" speakers over "bad" ones.
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    If you are student, K-12 or college, try the Apple Education Store. You can save quite a bit. But there's a limit to how much you can buy per year.

    Make sure that NEC monitor is DVI and not just VGA. If it is, a 17" DVI for under $500 seems like a good deal. Check ther recent monitor reviews at MacWorld.com.

    As for the speakers: The Apple Pro Speakers are OK for basic sound. For another $100 you can get a really nice set up.

    As mentioned: The RAM can be found cheaper. Install it yourself and save another $40. I can't justify paying MacMall or any other retailer $40 for a 3 minute task.

    You can't wrong with HP printer. I've owned several over the years and never had propblems.

    The G5 1.6? I'm still undesided on this. It's cheaper, but the 1.8 has much better specs with plenty of growing room.

    One other thing. Make sure you read the fine print about FREE RAM, FREE printers and such. There is always a catch.
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    well, if he can afford it, why not? sure it is overkill, but why not? it will last that much longer and be that much faster.
    and the 17"lcd from apple is 600$
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    According to MacMall, that monitor has a 15-pin mini D-sub connector and a secondary DVI connector. No, I won't buy an analog LCD. I never had any intention to do so. The reviews on Amazon are all extremely good for this monitor.

    I will get the memory from Crucial. Putting in RAM is no problem for me.
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    I agree -- you'll never think back a year and a half from now and say, "Gee whiz, I really wish I had bought a slower Mac."
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    Absolutely check out the education discount. I ordered a 1.6GHz G5 and it is $200 cheaper (only $100 actually, because they charge tax) but with free shipping. You also get a $100 printer free as well.

    It would be foolish if you are a student and you don't take advantage of the Education discount.

    Best of Luck with your G5

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    If your going to get a G5 dont get the FX 5200, its not a very good match for the G5. Get the 9600 its a much better card.
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    For sure. I would opt for the THX-certified Logitech Z-680 or Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 systems. Both are 300 bucks. Both awesome setups. I wish I could find them over here.

    As for the rest of the system...I'm envious. Enjoy.

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    sorry. i was thinking of the wrong brand. i can't remember what brad it was though.
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    I've found a cheaper, better monitor: the Sony SDM-X73, for $477.99. This monitor is also nicer looking than the NEC.
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    Cool, that's a great price, and Sony make great screens.
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    I'm only a K-12 student, so I'm not elligable for the Apple Education Discount.
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    Are you sure? Check this link out.


    I think you can just search for your High School. I looked up my old High School and the discount applies for them. Give it a look.
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    the only people eligible for the discount are:
    -college students
    -fulltime homeschooled individuals
    -pta officials

    The highschool you saw was to select the highschool 'you' taught at....
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    None of the 17'' Samsung LCDs, in my price-range, are digital.

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