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How Early Should I Show Up To The 'Night of Panther'?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by the_mole1314, Oct 24, 2003.

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    What time should I show up at my local Apple Store for 'Night of Panther'? I'm going to be there at 6pm. Any suggestions? I've didn't go to the Jag launch last year.
  2. Mal
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    We showed up in Tampa right when it started, and didn't get in till just after midnight (they kept the store open later than planned because of the demand). That one started at 10:20 though. This one is longer and starts earlier, so it just depends on what kind of line you want to wade through. 6 would be early enough to avoid most of the lines.

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    Ok, cool. I want a t-shirt and party there along with buying mabey the Berklin Audio Recorder too. I'll be there at 6, and if there is no line or a little one, I'll get some dinner and some Starbucks and come back and get in line and surf on my iBook.

    I want to be one of the first in line.
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    Mr. Anderson

    there is already a thread about some people lining up at 6 AM.....not for me, thanks.

    I'll be showing up late and getting in later...

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    You're not there yet?
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    I double dog dare you to bring a stack of CDRs and start burning copies of Panther on their G5/Cinema Display set-up.

    I triple dog dare you to start selling them then and there for $20!

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    I think that'll hurt my chances of being hired there latter, IMHO. :D :p
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    maybe 6 pm here too. someone goes to canada so i don't want to go there too early. bewsides it starts to be cold outside, i'd have to drain my battery out on line if they don't allow you in before 8 ...

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