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General How google lost half of the customers before their launch of google glasses

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Apple blogger, May 11, 2013.

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  1. Apple blogger, May 11, 2013
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    We all know there are only a few days left where we will see a whole new product apart from our phones and notebooks..
    The "glasses".. We've seen some in sci-fi movies but now they are a reality..
    But google has already lost half of the customers prior to the launch of their product..
    How?.. Well I guess it's because the people who already have glasses cannot wear these new glasses!!

    Nearly half of the world has glasses .. Now for these its just a one time look or feel .. They might never buy it for themselves because they can't use it!!
    If only google comes up with a new technology that helps their inbuilt glasses to be replaced by the glasses with "numbers" then it might be possible..

    But the question for those who are left out.. What do they buy?
    The answer is very easy .. Apples iWatch(if it ever comes) Apple is smart when it comes to product making.. Never leaves the customer alone..
    So google has half of the world .. While Apple has the whole world and definately the left out google customers..
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    Google Glass is not a consumer product yet. Only 8000 have been made available to "winners" of a contest, but those are tied to that person. Those 8000 people can not sell or transfer their Glass. Additionally, the Glass you are seeing now is a Beta product and this is literally beta testing. The consumer edition of Glass won't be released until 2014 sometime.
    And Google has already publicly committed to ensuring the final product works with peoples glasses.

    Thanks for playing.
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    I would imagine by time they launch they could be fitted with prescription glasses. Google is not stupid.
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    Pebble watch is already out, even Sony has one for a much cheaper price. Samsung has basically confirmed it will make one. I don't see this iWatch movement happening any time soon. I personally haven't worn a watch since the late 90's.

    As the glasses go, recording would be a good enough feature for me to get a sunglasses pair as I don't wear prescription glasses.
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    These things take time and I would bet the technology to do what you are saying they need to do will come in the next iterations, if not from Google, but from someone else.
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    I thought one of Google's interviews about Google Glass indicated that the product would attach to the arm of normal glasses. I am not sure how this would work given the variety of glasses out there (and lenses), but I wouldn't be surprised if Google were collaborating with various designers of glasses to make compatible frames. This is likely to be a non-issue.

    I think a bigger barrier to the adaption of Google Glass is the dork factor. Frankly, I can't imagine anything that looks more silly. I also can imagine eye strain, headaches and accidents being an issue as well. Finally, there are various rumors about advertising on Google Glass that I hope are untrue.
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    Come on people don't feed the troll....
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    I haven't tried on a pair of Google Glasses or anything, but from the looks of them, You could wear your actual glasses underneath. That would be uncomfortable, but doable. Like seeing a 3D movie.

    Also, contact lenses.

    Also, Google said on multiple occasions that they have a plan of evolution for Glass that includes Rx lenses.

    It's freaking Google, man. If you thought of it just now, they thought of it years ago. And they can afford all the R&D that money can buy. Having the "If I Had Glass" contest was a serious success. They pick people to basically do the beta testing, but unlike most beta testing people paid serious money to be a tester. So Google actively made money using the "winners" and they are getting incredible feedback. The consumer release of Glass will be incredible, I have no doubt.

    Is it for everyone? No. But they will sell very well.

    Same goes for smart watches- not for everyone, but obviously there is a high demand for them. Pebble alone proved that with actual numbers, and when the big guys (Apple and Samsung) join the party we will probably see some really cool stuff.
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    Please google "Google glasses prescription lenses"
    and come back. This has been discussed to death.
  11. 3bs
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    Are you really comparing Google Glass to something you wear on your wrist that hasn't even launched yet?

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    I actually feel the opposite of the OP. I have 20/13 vision and obviously don't need glasses or contacts. So my question is, why would I want Google Glass? Why would I start wearing glasses when I don't need them? Yes, I know, these aren't glasses in the traditional sense, but the only glasses I wear are sunglasses and I don't ever see me wanting to wear glasses just so I can see a HUD.

    Don't get me wrong, the tech is awesome. I just don't see people who don't wear glasses wanting to start for these.
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