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How Great Could Steve Job's Apple TV really be?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by SmileyBlast!, Nov 22, 2012.

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    I say insanely great!
    The iTV is a good name for it to differentiate it from the Apple TV product.

    From this Apple TV article.

    The Future Apple TV might solve these problems.
    It fixes the TV Guide problem.
    It fixes the Cable Box DVR menu navigation problem.
    It improves the TV Ads problem by removing unwanted Ads or showing you Ads you might really be interested in.
    It really lets you time shift.

    You could use your other iOS devices as a remote using voice to control the iTV.

    It would be disruptive the way we love Apple Products to be and it would move a stagnant cable industry forward.

    What do you think?
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    I think that would be really cool actually.
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    The problem is with content.

    I'm unconvinced that Apple has the right answer for what ails this industry.
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    Plus the name is already in use.
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    They already have arrangements with some TV networks for TV shows and season passes you can rent via iTunes. This is similar to the negotiations they did with the record industry. They need to provide a better deal than the cable companies who are getting a lot of their content for free and charging their cable subscribers.
    People pay a lot for cable TV. Apple could provide a middle of the road costing solution that provides way more content for the customer and way more convenience.


    iTV stands for Independant Television.
    That's interesting and ironic.

    Cable companies hold TV content hostage. We have to be home in front of TV sets to watch live broadcasts. An Apple iTV solution could allow us to stream TV to our iOS devices wherever we are like the SlingBox.
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    Why is it ironic? :confused:

    It was independent of our national TV station the BBC, hence the name.
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    Streaming any channel to your other iOS devices like your iPad or iPod Touch and your iPhone could be a competitive advantage against Android phones too.
    It could be another compelling reason to buy Apple.

    The Networks my benefit from better advertising and syndication fees for shows as Apple brings its large and dedicated customer base.


    I think what Apple would be doing for Television viewers (with the future Apple TV) would bring real independence from Cable companies who provide crappy service and confusing pricing. To get 500 channels would probably cost you $500 per month.
    They bundle packages of channels that up their profits when really a customer just wants a few channels that would be of interest to them.

    You could have playlists of channels that you are really interested in and you could ignore the rest. CNN, HBO, National Geographic, the SciFI Channel (if that is what interests you) and you get all the other Channels for one low price.

    It could be similar to the Netflix model.
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    American TV seems a lot different to ours. We have 1 major cable TV company and a 1 satellite TV company but still have a good selection of free to air TV. There are no subscription fees for viewing the itv channels, they are all funded by adverts.
  9. HobeSoundDarryl, Nov 22, 2012
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    OP, all your comments sound fantastic but you're only thinking from us consumer's point-of-view. Why would the other parties that would have to sacrifice so much to deliver on that dream be interested? How do THEY make more money from this dream?

    For example, I hate commercials too but they "pay" (subsidize) about $54/month for every household in the U.S. Kill the commercials and someone else needs to come up with that monthly toll or the quality of the programming must fall accordingly. Are you dreaming about making up that $54/month out of your pocket or are you just dreaming about no commercials but those who depend on that money flow will still be able to make all of our favorite shows anyway?

    Lots of us dream about being able to call up any show, on demand, on any device for a dirt-cheap cost. But it's just a dream unless you can show the others involved how it benefits them too. Nobody other than us- Apple included- want to switch to something where we consumers go from paying about $100+ per month (plus $54/month in OPM) to a model where we are paying about $10 or $20 per month. Even the Netflix example is losing it's shine as contracts come up for renewals (note how Netflix lost the Starzz programming in the last round).

    Believing that Jobs/Apple is somehow going to pull this off is ignoring how cell phone service rates didn't plunge when Apple rolled out the iPhone, or how digital book prices didn't plunge when Apple rolled out the iBookstore, or how digital magazine prices didn't plunge when Apple rolled out Magazine Rack, etc. Apple's not interested in cutting our monthly outlay to a fraction of what we pay now. Apple would just like to inject itself as a new media middleman... just like they've done with music. However only Apple and the most idolizing Apple fans want that. All the other players are generally interested in doing anything other than letting Apple dominate video like they dominate audio.

    You might as well start another thread about ideal iPhone plans in which you dream about $5/month everything plans, $20 loaded iPhone 6s, and 20X LTE speeds anywhere on earth. Sounds great to me too but I bet AT&T, etc won't play ball with that dream either.
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    The Cable market is ripe for disruption. But you are right, there is a lot of inertia there. But this is exactly the kind of user experience that Apple and their products are known to reshape and refine.

    I think Steve Job's was pretty confident when he said he had "Cracked it", referring to the living room television experience. Those overly complicated remote controllers that we all have are due for replacement.

    I'm also sure that there are people at Apple who can work out distribution deals with the Television Networks. Enough to bring his vision to reality.
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    Cisco owned "iPhone" and it didn't stop Apple.


    After a whole year, doesn't look like they are making progress with SIRI.
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    And Apple was not allowed in music business because of Apple Studios ... Nothing money or time can't fix ...

    What apple needs to showcase is that longer product cycles are possible; I don't replace my TV every 12 month; at least not yet :D
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    The problem would be is that it would be insanely expensive. Margins on tv's are terrible...that is why you see companies getting out of the tv business. Yes, I'm sure some Apple die-hards (I'm one) would buy the tv which would probably be 4-5 times a really good tv.
  14. JAT
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    My remote isn't overly complicated.
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    That was just an obsolete product name though, it might not have been so easy if Apple had tried to call their phone "Cisco". ;)

    I not sure it will be an issue though. All the rumours I'm hearing about this mythical Apple TV set seem 100% focused on the USA market so it might turn out it's only sold there. If it ever happens. :)
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    The name ITV is already in use so Apple will have to go back to the drawing board on that one.
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    I'm confident Apple will bring out a TV set. They won't want their content running through another manufacturer. They will need to control the living space and a TV set will do that.

    On the UK I don't see them having a problem offering "freeview". They will have problems offering movie and sports channels.

    Broadband operators here are offering their own content with BTVision and now TalkTalk.
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    Don't forget Virgin and Sky.
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    Yeah I was ignoring them as they are standard. :D

    There is no reason why Apple can't release a set with FreeView. Maybe strike up a deal with footy clubs for a Tottenham/Man U etc App


    I'm surprised nobody has done any concept art for the UI.
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    If anything they should go with YouView, it's FreeView bought up to date.
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    Never even heard of that! Awesome. Cheers for the link!

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