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Price Advice How high does a cMBP bounce?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Jklapp, Feb 11, 2013.

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    When dropped from 3 ft or probably a bit more if the seller is not being totally forthcoming. We are negotiating in the $1,500-1,700 range and it has pics showing a corner chipped but no pic of the screen turned on which I have asked for.
    13.3" screen, Intel Core i7 2.9Ghz, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD 6 months old has the USB 3 ports
    Plus Windows 7, Moshi Mini HDMI adapater,
    wireless Magic Mouse,
    wireless US Apple Keyboard,
    Apple Remote,
    and second power adapter.

    I think the price is reasonable and its just what I've been looking for so if it works is there anything else I can do to make sure its in good running order?
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    Need to fully test it out - can you meet at Apple and have them test it out? You will need to setup an appointment.

    What kind of SSD? stock?
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    That all just sounds too iffy for me.

    Apple Refurb has this model with a standard 750GB HDD for $1269. Granted you're getting some extras from the guy, but something that has been dropped I don't think will be covered by Apple warranty, so you're buying something right now that is damaged and out of warranty.

    Sure, a 512GB SSD is pricey, but I think you'd do better buying the refurb and throwing in a SSD of your own (250GB SSDs are going for around $150 right now).
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    Truth! - Unless you can get it for sub $1500 - an laptop checks out fine.
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    OK, he sent a pic so it looks like its working. No way we can meet at Apple store, many states away. What would a "full test" consist of?
    Thanks guys
    see pic att.

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    Are you buying this through eBay? With damage there is no way I buy unless I can get my hands on it or I know the person.
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    Yes, its Ebay. He has been on since 2007 and has 200 positive feedbacks (mostly as a seller of DVD's but also a car and a few tech items) so, with the protection of Ebay/Paypal I am not too worried about a dud. He is not even close to an Apple store.
    Please, can I pull the trigger guys?
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    What's the price including shipping?
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    He listed it for $2,000, then $1,750 and I offered him $1,538.20 incl shipping and he hasn't countered so thats the price. I told him that after some more research I think it could drop a lot more when the new model comes out but I will stand by that offer.
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    With all the extras sounds fair - you get windows 7 license? Or a pirated version?
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    Quote from listing: " I also purchased Windows 7 to dual boot this computer. I have removed the partition but I am including the DVD in case you would like to reload it. I CAN'T guarantee the license key will work a second time but I was told it will register with the computer and you can reload the OS as many times as you want."

    I didn't put anything in for W7 (trying to get away from MS but I might like to have Office which is NOT incl.) so I don't really care if it works.
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    As you stated - if it is a dud - eBay protection should help you out. Go for it! If you want it / can afford!
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    OK, thank you, I really value your advice, all of you here. Of course, if its a POS I will blame you of course... :)
    I'm doing it, I will let you know of any problems so if you don't hear from me then everything went well.
    Thanks again, good luck to all,
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    Even if this is a 2012, the fall may have voided any chance of warranty. I'd probably look it over and torture test the machine. Did he describe the damage? The price is really only held up if you want the extra stuff. An SSD can be purchased for $300-500. In the Apple Store's refurbished section, the basic machine would be $1269 with 8GB of ram. It's not an exceptional deal as you seem to think. He just started out at a very high asking price.
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    Hi Thekev, You are right, here's how I valued it:
    W7= 130
    mouse 30
    kbd 40
    remote 10
    power cord 20
    cMBP 1,300
    total 1,530

    So the SSD is basically free which makes it a decent deal if it works. How would you "torture test" it? I plan to take it to the Apple store but is there something I could do?


    Also it is 6 months old and has the USB 3.0
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    Just take it to Apple - they can tell you about warranty / current condition of the system.

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