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How hot is your G5 or Intel?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Willy S, Apr 2, 2006.

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    My G5 is 62 degrees celsius, although I´m just browsing on the Net so 70% of the cpu is idle. The HDD is 58 degrees.

    Isn´t this too hot for the computer to last for some time, say 3 years? And is it possible to put a better and more quiet fan on the iMac?
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    I get similar results. Don't worry. Anything below 75ºC is safe.
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    Jaffa Cake

    As yankeefan says, you needn't worry. For one thing, the temperature you're describing sounds normal, and the temperature sensors are designed to shut down the Mac before it gets hot enough to do any damage to the internal components.

    My G5 is currently clocking in at 61.3°C so I'm not too far off what you're experiencing, and everything is working fine. :)
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    what's the temperature for laptops to run at, is that 75 degrees Celsius as well? :confused:
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    75ºC is the cut off point for the G5s. I doubt it's the same in the laptops.
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    I thought the Intel iMacs were supposed to be almost silent?
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    Hot enough to heat my room in winter time. :)
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    My Revision A iMac G5 is at about 63C at the moment, last summer it was about 10C higher:


    Didn't cut out at all, went upto about 80 when using it hard!
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    I´m now converting raw files to jpg with Lightroom and the cpu temp went up to 74.1 degrees. :eek:

    It looks like I will not been able to use Lightroom on the iMac from May-October since the the temperature cannot rise more. :(

    Isn´t the Core Duo much cooler?
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    mine is very silent, but it has a faulty hard drive which freezes programs and corrupts files...once i get a new hd in it, we will see how quiet or noisy it is

    my dual G4 power mac is rather noisy, but at least that thing works and has been problem free forever
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    My laptop, thpuogh it is not a mac, operates at 40 degrees (harddrive 30 degrees). I think it is in general lower for laptops.

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