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how I ultimately reconciled my accounts

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by LapsangSouchong, Oct 12, 2011.

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    My work email is my real appleID. I had a me account that I used for email forwarding, calendar, address book.
    I tried having 2 for about 30 minutes today and hated it. So I let iCloud set up a new one for me (thank God it's not horrible) and then I migrated everything off the old one to the new one. Took a few hours, but the mail app on my laptop helped.

    So now I have an appleID with a me.com email address inside of it.
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    how are you reconciling all of your previous purchases or will you use the old ID for handling those App updates?
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    Every single purchase (thank God) was under my work email aka my "real" appleID. I just set up the me.com address a year or so ago when I got fed up with google.
    I never actually used the address.

    My only remaining question is how to convince the new iCloud mail app to let me use my work email as the reply to/from address like mobileME allowed. Cant quite figure it out.
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    Yea there are definitely a lot of unresolved issues here... I suppose that is what we get for being the first movers. Still, it is disappointing when my mail app starts bouncing for no apparent reason...

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