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How impatient are you with iOS 6

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by rahul247rocks, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Apple just announced iOS 6 coming this fall probably with the launch of next generation iPhone 5. I personally have the new iPad and I simply can't wait to see the final version of the latest iOS. Probably September or October.... can you wait that long? Are you downloading the latest beta version? Share your views please.
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    For me it's been quite a flop, so I couldn't care less when it comes. I was hoping for features like quick reply and easy WiFi / Bluetooth toggle, so I'll probably wait until it gets jailbroken and just stay with 5.
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    If you want it that bad and cannot wait until fall then join the Developer's Program for $99.
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    Can't use Turn-by-turn on iPhone 4. Nothing on iOS6 impresses me now. I can't get a new iPhone until 2014 because of the stupid carrier in Canada contract stacking. I got the iPhone 4 the month it came out, and they added 3 years to my contract in 2010, and my last contract ended September 2011.

    Apple might have forced my hand in having to Jailbreak so I can get turn-by-turn. I haven't jailbroken my iPhone 4 in the 1.5 years I've owned it.
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    Where does it say iPhone 4s only? Turn by Turn doesn't need Siri.
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    People in the other threads say they found a message saying you need Siri to use it...

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    That would suck! And I am not using my iPad 2 :p
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    Apple.com says so.
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    When do we get to upgrade to iOs 6?
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    Unless you pay $100 to join Apples developer program and another $11 for the actual download, it will be sometime this fall.
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    You don't have to pay $11 to download it.
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    Based on this, I can wait for iOS 6... What I am waiting for is the next gen iPhone and hoping that it is knocked out of the park...
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    That's news to my best friend in St. Louis.
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    If it makes any difference, I live 3 hours from St. Louis. ;)

    Regardless, I promise, you don't have to pay to download it once you are a developer. Believe what you will, but I downloaded it and all I paid was my $99 yearly fee.
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    It doesn't say it needs Siri. However, it does say the following:

    iPad 2 does not have Siri.
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    For those out there that are upset by no turn by turn directions, might I suggest the app Waze? Free, croud sourced traffic, conditinons, turn by turn directions, has social features, and works great on the iPhone 4.

    I have been using them for the last couple of years, and because of this app I can survive without this on my iPhone 4.
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    Didn't work in Canada last I tried it.
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    I will admit results may vary by location. I haven't been outside the US in the last couple of years, so I haven't had a chance to test it outside of there. My apologies to you and hope there is an alternative that works just as well there.

    As far as anyone from the US is concerned though, this is a great alternative.
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    I think it is the Apple way....
    Need time to know more.
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    I'm impatient with everything so of course I cannot wait until iOS 6 is released. However, the anxiety waiting for the next iPhone is a lot more painful. Luckily I've been doing good not thinking about it.
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    once more people start using Maps on iOS6 with all the iPhones/iPads out there it will be amaazing and kill waze!!! waze is good for traffic not so good on navigation
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    I'm just preparing to install iOS 6 on my 3rd Gen iPad WiFi+Cellular.

    I've tested iOS 4 and 5 before this, I enjoy seeing what's new and watching each version improve up until the GM.
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    Not very... There was nothing in iOS6 that I really want... So I'll probably upgrade when there's an untethered jailbreak for it.
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    I was quite impatient about iOS 5 last year and installed the beta 1 right away and upgraded for every subsequent beta release. But this year the disappearance of Google Maps alone prevents me from biting the bullet. :(
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    macbook pro i5

    The new phone features alone make it worth it for me,oh and the multiple sigs for different email accounts,fullscreen safari on iPhone, better battery life,more speed,3D mapping,online reading list all are pretty useful:D

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