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How is 10.8.3 on 2011 13" Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by thadoggfather, Mar 14, 2013.

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    For people who have installed it

    I'm still on 10.8.2, always cautious with updates!

    Also does it work with iTunes 10.7 or will I be forced into iTunes 11?
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    I have an 11 inch 2011 Air, and I just updated to 10.8.3 and it runs great. I don't know about iTunes 10.7, because I'm on iTunes 11 (which is much faster IMO)
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    Same system and it does feel smoother. And, not to reuse an old joke but it's the best way to describe it, Safari does feel snappier.
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    My uses require having that artist vertical scrollbar to the left of album layouts.

    I could never get used to 11, even trying to make it as 'classic' as possible.

    Not for me.

    Has battery life improved? I ask because I'm pretty sure it took a hit from Lion to Mountain Lion in general.
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    Yeah it really does but it's still a little slow loading when using the 2 finger swipe to go back a page


    Battery life for me is great (though when I got my MBA it came with ML installed, so I don't know how it is with Lion)
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    Another 2011 13" Air user here. I have 10.8.3 and my computer screams. As for battery life, I get the same as when I bought it in July 2011 (around 7 hours for my use).
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    Did you experience that same battery life on 10.8-10.8.2?
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    I can't speak for 2011 13" MBA, but there's no issue with it on my 2012 11" MBA.

    The battery life stays the same (5 hours), I can't comment on Safari yet, I don't use it unless I have to, Nightly is my main browser.
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    Yes I did. My battery life has remained the same since Lion, but keep in mind that I clean installed ML so that could have helped the battery life.
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    I think battery life has improved in 10.8.3 on my 2012 13".
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    How can I do a fresh install of 10.8.3 on my 2011 Air?
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    Looks at itunes 11 Artist scrollbar next to grid of albums.... There are lots of reasons I've heard not to go up to Itunes 11, but if that's the only one, well.... Show Sidebar on the View menu, then go into music, sort by artists, and there it is.....
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    11" 2010 here -
    Overall my system feels much smoother.

    Battery life has vastly improved - after upgrading to ML my indicator usually showed me max 4.5 hours after charging (which I never got) - Now with 10.8.3 it started showing 6.5 hours max (which I also won't get fully), but last night I watched Tomb Raider I (101 minutes) on it and after watching I had 57% charge left (screen dimmed to 7/10)

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    Right but does iTunes 11 now sort by album with a thumbnail of the album and all the tracks in order in a list within a grid?
  15. thadoggfather, Mar 18, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013

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    Installing it now; wish me luck!

    iTunes 10.7 seems to work as well! phew. Tried iTunes 11 out on a family member's Air (they already had installed). Still a pass for me; the interface feels absurdly cheesy and bloated. 10.7 is the end of the road for me. I'm also a non-natural scroller i.e. up is up and down is down. That only sits well with me if I'm physically touching the screen like an iOS device. Call me old fashioned ;)
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    Working great for me up to this point. Nothing of significance that I have noticed in terms of change - Battery life still leaves much to be desired.
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    I'm using it on my 2010 Macbook Air 13". Feels smoother like other have said.
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    Did it let you keep iTunes 10.7 or did it force an upgrade of 10.7 to 11.02?
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    I stayed with 10.7

    I just didn't hit 'update' next to iTunes on software update drop down within App Store.
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    Great. Thanks. iTunes 10 rocks.
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    The only thing that is worse with 10.8.3 on my 2012 13'' MBA is that the top menu on the left jitters when I switch between desktops with a 4-finger swipe. This did not happen with 10.8.2.
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    You and I, we see brilliant things.

    iTunes 11 is such a substantial downgrade for me. I can NEVER adjust.

    I prefer 10.7 look and the layout of an artist scrollbar with albums more easily separated and distinct tracklists, instead of bloat-y.

    I really don't think I could even learn to deal with iTunes 11.

    If I ever have to do iOS restores that require it, I'll use another machine that already has it. Til then, while it works perfect with Match too, 10.7 is here to stay.
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    I've come round. Been using iTunes 11.1 since iOS 7 and I'm loving it. Thought it'd never happen.

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