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How long did it take for your bestskinsever to arrive?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by DVNIEL, Jul 16, 2007.

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    I ordered mine Saturday, and they said it shipped earlier today. Just want a ballpark figure on when I should return my case so I can immediately protect my iPhone.

    Plus, how do you like yours? Do you still put it in a hard case after applying it?
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    I ordered mine on Friday and it arrived on Saturday, though I sent it to my work so I didn't get it till this morning and won't have a chance to take the time to put it on till tomorrow.

    Found out they are out of Denver. That's how I got it so fast. California, probably 2 days.
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    I ordered last Friday, got it today. They're quick and I just applied mine with ease. YES!
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    Got mine in a day. Very quick. Put it on in about 30 minutes. Looks pretty good but not perfect. I could not get the chrome perfect because it looks dirty when it covers it, but it is better than scratches.

    Any additional tips when applying?
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    Anyone who has purchased this skin..I am waiting for mine to arrive but I was looking for some advice on the water part of the application. I'm a little skeptical about the whole water on my iPhone thing. Any Tips? Thanks in advance.
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    I have used these types of skins on my iPods and my other smartphones and have had no problems. Used them with or without a case and when I went to resale they looked good as new.

    First thing is make sure you power off the device. I usually like to take the battery out if I can but of course with apple products we don't have that luxury. So just make sure it is off.

    Second if you are using BSE get some soap (I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo) and add a little to a container of water to remove surface tension. WAIT till all the bubbles go away that might show up from mixing it up.

    Make sure you wash your hands before you touch the skin. Dip your fingers in the solution and remove it from the backing. Dip it in the solution and let the excess water drip off. Let it apply on one side and slowly let it go attach across. This should push most air out. Use good lighting and lightly push any bubble out the edges.

    When you put the back on take your time. The sides will seem like they won't stick but it will take a good bit of time before they become tacky enough to stick.

    Just don't get frustrated and take your time. Don't pull or stretch it.

    After you are done you might see some water or small bubbles under the skin. LET IS BE! The skin tightens as it drys and if the bubbles are small enough they will go away. The water will evaporate. You will do more damage messing with it after it has set.

    Final thing is let it dry. Don't play with it. I don't go to the excess of 24hrs but I DO leave it overnight. I don't touch it. Just leave it off and let it set and dry.

    Hope that helps.

    PS: Wanted to add..........when it does dry it will be wavy when viewed at an angle in reflective light. That is normal. It shouldn't be noticeable when you have the screen on looking right at it. It will have a more "rubbery" feel. Some dislike this. I am a fan of this as I think the phone is a bit slippery. I think the protection added outweighs the lost of a silky smooth screen. Of course that opinion will be different from user to user.
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    ^^^ Thanks alot.
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    Thanks! Great directions -- will definitely refer to this later on in the week.
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    I was going to put mine on tonight but will wait till tomorrow right after work. It is getting a little late to start messing with this project. However, for those that feel that they don't want the tackier/stickier BSE on their screen, some have said and I plan the same, that the best combo is the BSE for the body with the PowerSupport Crystal Film for the screen. As I already have my Crystal Film on, this is what I plan to do. Leave that on, and add the BSE to the body to protect it from scatches and give it a bit more grip.
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    Sorry to kind of hijack the post ..but one more question. Is the chrome area on the front covered by this skin? I mean both chrome parts (flat part right next to screen and the rounded part next to that) I noticed that with my generic plastic holster/belt clip the flat part right next to screen started to scratch at the point where it clicks in an out of holster. Thanks again.
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    The flat part of the chrome is not covered. The side pieces are covered.
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    I ordered mine last night. I'll see how long it takes me!
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    I ordered mine on the 11th and it is now the 18th and still have not received it :mad:
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    Ordered mine on the 6th, still dont have it.
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    I just came across this skin option and it sounds very interesting to say the least...

    I am a bit worried/skeptical about putting something wet on the iPhone... water will seep into the cracks along the top of the iPhone where the glass connects to the chrome.

    Also, what exactly is the intent of this skin... is it to prevent against scratches only? I assume it's similar to the 3M clear coat tape people put on their new cars to prevent against pebbles?

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    The iPhone is like the iPod. It is somewhat water resistant. The cracks are very tightly sealed. I've put 4 BSEs on iPods and have never ran into a problem.

    The only problem with the BSE is it basically offers no shock support. If you drop the iPhone, the skin will not absorb any of the force where as some of the leather or rubber cases will absorb some.

    I'm a fan of the BSEs because it offers very good scratch protection and doesn't add any girth or weight to the iPhone at all.

    By the way, I ordered mine for the iPhone on Monday and got it today.
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    Bse Skin Arrived!

    I ordered my BSE full body skin on monday and it arrived today. I am in california by the way. For the people that already applied it should I wait til tonight to put it on since the directions recommend about 24 hours for it to set up and fully dry before turning it on. I don't want to put it on then have it move around on me as I use it. thanks
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    If you let it dry over night, you should be fine.
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    Well after getting mine on Monday I finally put it on last night. Good thing I had waited since Apple replaced my phone on Wednesday because of a defective battery (Only 48-60 hrs standby time with less than 1 hr calls, and 1-2 hrs usage per full charge - as of when I turned it off last night for the BSE install it was still FULL after 24 hours standby :) ).

    Anyway, I would hate to put on an IS after reading the BSE is an easier application. Not that hard, but tedious, definitely takes patience. I installed the back first and had to wait quite a while to tack down all the flaps. No airbubbles and virtually no water left to evaporate. Also put on the home button and top and bottom strips. Decided to stay with my Crystal Film for the screen. It's only been drying for 8-10 hours now, so I will wait till later in the day to turn it on. Probably another 4 just to get in half the recommended 24. They say it takes 24-48 to set completely, however I can't imagine it looking much better. Really I had no bubbles or pockets of water except a little bit on the sides coming up to the bezel and on the back where the black and silver meet. As far as the flaps and corners, I was able to get all the flaps down flat, no overlap or creasing.

    And the tackiness is awesome. Held it in my hand vertically and shook by hand up and down and it didn't budge. Not even a tight grip. Not to mention my foofpod case, being corduroy, was a little bit loose, quite easy to slide in and out. Now its a bit grippier. I can get it in the case real easy and out too, but it doesn't just slide right out, I have to give it a tiny shake, which is nice. I will post pics of the BSE and my case.

    Fantastic product, definitely have to give it my recommendation. "For those unheathlity obsessed with keeping their devices shiny" is what reads on the envelope that it comes in, and if you're not that sort of person, you probably don't have the patience to get this on your iPhone right.
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    Bse Skin Is The Best!!!

    I applied my BSE skin last night which was a little tedious but as long as you are patient the results are awesome! I have had different static cling screen protectors and they were all junky. They got all dirty and had bubbles and lint.
    The BSE SKIN IS THE BEST BY FAR!! Perfect fit and completely Invisible. I have the Incase Black Protective cover and for people complaining that is sretches out the fit is now tighter with the full body screen on. Buy the BSE SKIn and nothing else, could not be better.
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    I got an email (sometime last night) saying that its been shipped. Ordered it on Tuesday night. Live in SoCal. Not sure how long it will take to ship.
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    I guess I'm just a BSE moron

    I ordered mine last week and it was in my mailbox Monday. Came very fast. I wiped down the iphone with iKlean towel, washed my hands and prepped the solution. So far so good.

    Two hours later I was ripping the skin off the phone in frustration. I'm a very patient guy normally. I've upgraded ipod mini's to 8gb solid state cf cards, so I have some skill. This thing drove my nuts. I would get one side down and move across to get a massive air bubble out and it would slide sides up letting more air in. These weren't just small bubbles, were talking dime sized. I tried starting at the bottom, from the sides, from a corner...waited for it to dry some, tried again. It was a horrible experience. Makes me wonder if I got a defective skin or something. And yes, I was using the correct side of the skin.

    After all the glowing reviews, I feel awful about myself and depressed. :( I want to try again, but I just don't think my emotional stability can handle it.
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    I got mine on Monday. Ordered it the previous Tuesday. So it took about a week, being sent to California.

    It took me a couple hours to get the whole thing on. The corners is what took the longest. After letting it dry a bit, the corners started to stick much better.

    Overall, its not bad. After a few days of having it, the wrap seems to be get tighter and feels stronger.

    I don't like the feeling of the screen so much. Its hard to scroll and adjust volume or the playhead accurately. I might look into getting the Crystal one people have mentioned before thats available at the Apple Store. I'll give it a few days to see if I get used to what I got or not.
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    Ordered my BSE today:eek:

    But hmmm.... about the battery sitch, As I write this I am at 1 and 1/2 hour usage and under 11 hours standbye and minimal call time and my battery icon looks to be at about 80%

    should I be worried?
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    see this thread of mine

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