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How long does an Apple eMac last?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tbluhp, Sep 14, 2006.

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    I have had my emac sense April 2003. How long have you had yours for? I am using the emac as my only computer.
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    jan 2005 - today
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    well for xmess i was thinking of trading in my emac to buy a new intel mac mini off ebay?

    Do you think i should buy a new mac nothing wrong with my emac just want to update it. But dont really have all the money...
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    unfortunately, nothing is wrong with your emac.

    G4 800-1000 MHz with 32MB video card? that should be fine for common everyday stuff. spend your money on something else, maybe a nice camera, or videocam, ipod...because your computer is good enough.

    you could upgrade when leopard comes out though, but i think you'll be able to run it fine!
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    thanks for the advice but my emac 1ghz doesn't have usb 2.0. I own a ipod video that I bought last Christmas. So mabey the new nintendo wii?
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    my family is still using an 800MHz eMac (I got a MBP for college)... have been since may 2003. I must say, it is still running beautifully, and when I come home on break, I expect to see it still chugging along like a champ
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    Well, I've had my eMac for about three days now, and no problems so far!

    ... Seriously, though, I got it when my school sold it after replacing the eMacs with new Intel iMacs. It was used extensively by many, many people, and it runs about as well as you could expect a 700 MHZ G4 with 512 RAM to run.
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    I manage a Lab of 22- 1GHZ emacs and all are still working fine today. About 3 years old.
    I had one with a Hard Drive failure, which was easily fixed. But other than That absolutley no unfixable problems at all.
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    At my school, there's a lab of at least 20 1ghz eMac's, and I use them perfectly fine, 10.4, widgets and all. Never let me down!
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    I've still got the original 700Mhz eMac. Runs great :) I even use it for GarageBand and UT2004 sometimes. (With reduced complexity in both cases!)
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    It will be 2 years next month. Love it, just wish the HD was bigger. :eek:
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    Old Smuggler

    well my emac was running great til i installed realplayer
    after i corected that problem its better
    love my emac 1.25 superdrive i installed the bluetooth & AE my self was definitly worth it
    got a 1GB ram stick on the way hoping it will get me to next summer after leopard
    then ill let my parents use it as their first mac to tryout
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    Still working well but the monitor is poor

    My first eMac was purchased Sept. 2002 (800 MHz G4, 768 MB ram), now running OS 10.4.7. No complaints except that the resolution of the monitor has slowly degraded. I use it everyday but text is hard (but not impossible) to read because it is slightly blurry. I have a second newer one, used by many user accounts. Works fine although there has been some erratic behavior of the optical drive.
    Bottom line: good solid machines, only update if really needed.
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    I've had my eMac since June 2004 and have never had one problem with it.
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    I did have a problem. Remember how the first eMacs had a big batch with defective video cables? I got one. And I put off taking it in for warranty service. And kept putting it off... longer... and longer...

    I did get the repair done, and well within warranty, but by then I was using a pretty darned small image in the middle of my screen :D I kept using Displays Preferences to adjust.
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    Old Smuggler

    has anyone else experienced the intermittent high pitched squeal or noise from their emac?
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    my eMac was given to me from my aunt. 700 MHz with a gig of ram. i upgraded the HD. when i get another computer with a big disk to use, i'm going to overclock to 900 MHz and swap the crt out with a 17" LCD and throw a TV Tuner in there. This computer is going to get to the point where it's not going to be entirely useable, so i might as well have the most fun with it that i can.
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    Old Smuggler

    Sounds expensive especially considering how much the "Crank" alone would cost to finish a project like that :eek:
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    weve had ours since 2002
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    My emac

    I bought an emac Feb 2005, and now it won't even start without being in a safety boot mode. Can anyone help me out on what to do? Would reinstalling the whole computer help? Thanks.
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    I use to have an eMac. I bought it new, it was the 1.42 Ghz G4 version. It ended up going to my mom when I got my MacBook Pro. It's a sweet machine. Very stable, sturdy, and quite fast. For regular consumer applications, it's not slower then my MacBook Pro. Also, the 64 MB graphics card was a nice little bonus for the last generation eMacs! Makes them that much more future-proof, if that's possible.
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    Yes, the last generation eMacs were pretty well equiped. 1.42 GHz G4, 512 RAM, 160 gig HD and, more importantly, a Radeon 9600 64 MB which was significantly faster than 9200 in previous gen. and supported Core Image. I even have that 9600 in my iMac now (with 128 MB VRAM and higher clock speed though).

    eMacs came out in spring 2002.

    As for me, my eMac was 3 years old when I sold it and got my current G5 iMac. Had it since late october 2002 till early november 2005. It was a 700 MHz model with 640 MB RAM, upped HD from 40 to 120 gigs and a SuperDrive instead of standard CD-RW :)
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    That well may do the trick, but it certainly won't do any harm.

    dave :)
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    you can't kill an eMac

    had mine 3 years. works perfectly. loved that machine.

    nothing would go wrong with it so i junked it for an mb.
    i hate getting rid of something that works that reliably, but what am i going to use 2 computers for.

    not really junked - gave it to family member while it still has some life in it. don't you hate it when somebody passes down something that's obsolete and you really don't want it.
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