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How long does it take to get an App Developer account approved?

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by jonnysods, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Registered on Friday morning early, still waiting for approval... :(
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    Not sure about an IOS Dev account, but a Mac Dev account takes about 2-3 days. It's probably the same with IOS.
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    If you sign up for an individual account, the turnaround time is usually just one business day. Having signed up on Friday, I would expect to be approved today.
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    Thanks. They just contacted me today and asked me to fax some stuff in, which I just did.

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    I had it within 1 hour >.> Didn't have to fax anything. on the other hand, I've been waiting 5 weeks for approval of my mom's company.
    Which is *************. I just installed it via my developer account. and went total careface.
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    I got my provisioning approved in one day ... actually overnight!
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    Geez, still waiting.

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    Are you registering as an individual or a company? What were you asked to fax them?
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    I registered under my business name, so they asked for my proof that I have a business, so I faxed them my business license. Man if I had of known you could register as an individual I would have done that!
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    Hmm, it's one of the very first questions they ask as you enroll.
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    Pretentious garbage. I don't understand why Apple feel the need to vet the people PAYING for a license to develop for their hardware when they scrutinise everything coming into the App Store anyway.
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    Agreed. It's not really necessary. Plus the Apple account I'm using probably has around $30,000 in purchases over the years, so it's not like I'm from Nigeria trying to scam cash from Apple. $99 plus 30% of whatever I make and sell...
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    Seriously. Still waiting? 3 biz days so far...
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    My company's enterprise account took at least 30 days to verify (it may have been even longer, I don't remember exactly). That could have been an extreme example though, as I know my company's Prez is terrible about responding to emails/calls/etc.

    We even had to provide our Articles of Incorporation and DUNS Number. Be prepared to wait.....
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    For a good reason, look at all the malware that Google had to pull from their app store from some poorly vetted "developer".
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    Depending on your legal jurisdiction, you might not be able to enroll as a business unless you have articles of incorporation. A business license and a DBA won't work. So they may ask you to re-enroll as an individual developer, or incorporate.
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    I emailed them and asked to re apply as an individual. I'm a sole proprietor anyways so I'm not going to incorporate. In my haste I thought it would have been better to register as a business. Really looking to get this sorted out by tomorrow!
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    They must be getting slammed with requests since the iOS5 beta came out. I feel bad emailing support!
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    I never even received answers on my emails, After 6 weeks I just totally gave up, and went individual license.
    (they werent picking up the telephone number on their "contact" site neither.)
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    How do you cancel your current enrollment process?
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    No idea, they don't mail me, I didn't pay them. Don't see the harm.
    I just bought my personal license, and done ;o
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    They put me thru hell because my debit card got declined cause a transfer was delayed so I used my gfs card. So the identity crap came up. I cancelled that whole order and used my card and it was still pulling up the transaction with her card. I kept calling until a guy was willing to verify my identity thru email instead of fax so I didn't have to wait.
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    I decided to register as an individual, now they are holding me up because I think I missed an initial when I entered my billing info. They want a notarized signature saying who I am. This is crazy.

    The iTunes profile I'm using has around $30,000 in software and equipment purchases in the past year and a bit. They didn't seem to have any issue taking that money.

    This is exasperating at best.
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    Yep. My apple store receipt had my billing address and Id fine. But they couldn't find it. Keep calling and complaining. They'll eventually allow you to scan in the id forms and email them and activate you rather then wait 3 days well they sort out the faxes.
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    I may be on the same page here

    I submitted the application on later Thursday (UK time). And haven't heard back from them yet?

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