How long has this worked?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kgarner, Mar 24, 2005.

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    I just discovered last night that if you imported a CD with iTunes and for some reason did not have the CDDB look up the information you can actually look them up later. Just select the tracks you want to try and choose get CD Track Info. That saved me so much time last night as I didn't have to update about 200 tracks that were imported while I was using dialup and didn't feel like dialing in for a CD lookup. Too bad it only works on tracks that were encoded using iTunes.
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    I think this has always worked. At least as far back as I can remember. Even with a dial up it shouldnt take too terribly long. Seems like an entire album would only take about 10 - 15 seconds on dialup. 200 might take considerably longer, though.
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    Well I'll be danged

    I've been meaning to do what you were going to do because some of my tracks didn't have the proper info from that database. I was going to delete the songs then re-rip the CDs to get the names. Worked like a charm :D
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    this has always been an option for as long as i have known, useful in case you arent connected to the internet but want to rip some cds
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    really useful!
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    mad jew

    Do you have to have all the tracks though? Can you just click on a single Track 01 or whatever and get the info for it? That's pretty awesome. :)
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    I think it only works with complete albums... As far as I can figure out it's done by looking at the duration and combination of tracks!? Anybody knows If that is really true.

    It also only works if the songs have been imported using iTunes, which sort of ruins my theory...

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    For single tracks try this program iEatBrainz. It takes quite a while depending how many tracks you have to go through, but it really helps clean up sloppy iTunes libraries.
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    Works with just single tracks too. I had an album that had one track with some info so I didn't selct it and got the rest from the CDDB and then when they got complete information that was missing fromt he other track I selected it and got its information.
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    True, but it takes about 30 seconds just to dial in. I hated having to dial in for a 10-15 sec connection. Thank goodness I have broadband now.

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