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How long till HD on iTunes?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by brandon6684, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Any guess on how long until Apple comes out with HD content on iTunes?

    I like the idea of the AppleTV as a media extender, but like many of the reviewers I'm not impressed with the quality of the content Apple wants you to play on it. Ever without an AppleTV, I don't buy Movies or TV shows(unless I can't find a torrent of the show, and yes the torrents are low qulaity too, but at least I didn't pay $2 for crap quality) because they are sub DVD quality and the whole DRM lockdown thing. Right now my media buying is TV shows and Movies on DVD because the quality is generally good, and better than the Apple Store content. Since DRM seems to be an unavoidable part of next generation HD content, no matter where it comes from, so I can handle that part, but if I'm going to hook the thing up to my HDTV, I want good HD content from Apple. If Apple can release good quality HD content on iTunes, I would probably skip HD-DVD and Blu-Ray altogehter.
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    Any day now?

    These AppleTVs are selling briskly in Lodon and my guess is that is true throughout the Apple Stores. They are going to have to move on 720 line content ASAP and I am sure they will.

    NAB? When Steve rolls out FCP6 and FCS-Extreme he can then say, "And look at all the demand there is going to be for HD content! iTMS is rolling out HD content today!!!"

    Just a guess, but it would seem an announcement of some relevance to broadcasters. That would make it April 15th.
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    I hope so. I've really been wanting good content from iTunes. I would happily transition from disc media to digital delivery if good quality content was there. I just plain stayed away when the low resolution iPod TV shows came out, and gave it a second chance when movies came out and the quality was upped and Steve said it was near DVD quality, but I was unimpressed.
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    The price is still to high and there's no rental service. Even if they add 720p content, how much do you think they will charge for it? MAYBE they will offer it at the same prices, but I suspect they'll be tacking another buck onto TV shows and a few onto movies.

    The prices are already so close to DVD (for both movies and TV seasons) and you still miss out on special content, have to provide your own backup media (only a semi-valid complaint, since you can't back DVDs up legally, but at least they provide their own storage space, not eat up HDD room YOU paid for), and are locked into a single companies player/DRM. At least DVDs, while DRM'd, are built on a scheme licensed to dozens of manufacturers so you have some choice and competition in hardware.

    And then the rentals, which are the way I think most people like watch movies, and they buy them if and only if they really enjoyed it. I'm still overwhelmingly "meh" on the iTMS for video content. I subscribe to Netflix and use TiVo ToGo and find it to be a more than adequate.
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    That may all be true, but digital files are convenient and eliminate clutter. A lot of us care about that and will pay more and forego things like special features. I can't wait to get rid of DVDs like I did when I archived all my CDs in ALAC and chucked the lot of them (some 1200 discs of pure clutter). I care less about keeping every bit of information in a DVD, so as soon as the compression software gets a little better, my DVDs will be gone too.
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    For me, DVDs are just the way I get the media, but I have about a terrabyte of space to store my ripped Movies and TV shows in my iTunes library.

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