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How long until Mariokart?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Spanky Deluxe, May 14, 2006.

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    Spanky Deluxe

    Its pretty obvious that the Wii has just seriously pulled into the lead over the likes of Sony and already have a great launch line up ready. How long do you reckon it's going to take them to release a Mario Kart game for the Wii?

    I'm guessing a year after release, Christmas '07 in order to do a new push for selling consoles with Mariokart in time for the holidays.
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    Late 07/early 08. it's a long time off. I reckon.
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    Yup they just had a Mario Kart for the DS so i think you wont see another for the Wii until late 2007.

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    I'd rather see them tackle a Wave Race before I see another Mario Kart.
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    sod that I want PILOTWINGS. What happened to that great IP.
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    Or BattleCorps.
  7. MRU


    Well Battlecorps is Rare and we know how slow their output is. But Pilotwings is first party IP
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    Mario Kart is one of the best series Nintendo has going for them. I'm willing to bet it's in the early stages of development right now... the planning phases, where they batting around ideas for new features and whatnot.

    If the Wii does well in the early half of '07, I'm guessing an '08 release is probably realistic. If they don't have the sales they wanted through the mid point of '07, though, I can see Mario Kart being given every resource it needs to make an Xmas '07 debut to drive sales as a "must have title".
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    Hmm, a joystick base for the Wiimote. That would put Pilotwings 64 to shame (which already smacks the **** out of the original.) And yes, WaveRace would be awesome on the Wii. I like the original, but never quite got the hang of Blue Storm.
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