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how long will it take to put 6.88 GB on my ipod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by spb, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. spb
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    hi i today just got my ipod :D its chargind at the mo. i was wondering how long it will take to put 6.88GB of music onto the ipod.

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    Firewire 400: (6.88 gigabytes) / (400 Mbps) = 2.34837333 minutes
    Firewire 800: (6.88 gigabytes) / (800 Mbps) = 70.4512 seconds
    USB 2: (6.88 gigabytes) / (480 Mbps) = 117.418667 seconds

    You're not going to get full bandwidth (I think the hard drive in the iPod is actually the bottleneck), but there's an approximation.
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    Id say around 10 mins. It takes about five to transer 3 GBs to my iPod Mini if I remember correctly.
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    Ditto. It's about 50 mins to fill the 37gb of my 40gb iPod by FW400 & dock.
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    You won't get anywhere near the theoretical bandwidth on any of those, and the FW 800 speed is moot since iPods don't have FW 800 (it would operate at FW 400 speeds).
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    You know that it will charge when plugged into the computer with Firewire or USB2 right? I dont think you need to charge it with the AC adapter first. ;)
  7. spb
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    wow! it took about 2 hours! :eek: but hey i got all the music on now, i must have a slow usb thingy
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    do you have usb 1.1?
  9. spb
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    lol i dunno, how do i find out?
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    Are you on Windows or Mac?....

    In any case, if you only have USB 1.1 and you have a mac - get a firewire cable, it may be easier to get an iPod Firewire cable than get a USB 2.0 Card for your computer...

    If you're on a Windows PC it would all depend if you had firewire (get the cable) or not (Get the USB 2.0 card - if you don't have USB 2.0).
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    As far as I know the ipod will not work with USB 1.0.
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    sure works with my powerbook and USB 1.1, its just slow as all hell

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