How man wireless networks in your immediate area?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by dornoforpyros, May 3, 2006.

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    So I just moved back to the city and I'm shocked at how many of my neighbours have wireless routers set up.

    Before you freak out, Chewbacca is my network, I'm not stealing,nor condoning, stealing of internet access from anyone. I'm just curious as to who can pick up the most networks from their apartment/condo/house

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    2 that aren't mine.

    edit: 2 more pop up in the other room, all encrypted.

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    A little off topic, but being that so many people are on channel 6, you should try 1 or 11. There is a good chance you'll get better reception.
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    just 1 :)

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    mad jew

    Yeah, just the one for me too. :(
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    dunno what 2wire means? :(
    can never connect too them..guess they are for the elementary school behind me
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    only two showing up, but one of my neighbors is moving so maybe their wirerless router is packed. <shrugs> normally i see 3 networks.

    seraphim is mine, obviously.

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    There are plenty of man networks, just not many woman ones... sexists!

    Edit: *clicks airport status, shocked to find only one available*

    Edit 2: five just popped up.
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    I usually only see my neighbors' network which mysteriously went from "linksys" to "Apple Network XXXX" a few weeks back. :D (I know my neighbors two houses down also have Macs).

    At most I see 6 others in the neighborhood all but one other than mine are open networks. :(

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    Four right now... "default" is mine. I added a password but never use the wireless (don't even remember the password) since my Powerbook died and my Mini is directly hooked up to my router. Gonna fix the Powerbook is the only reason I don't just turn the thing off.

    Edit: Oh, and I HAD originally named it "Don't Mooch My Bandwidth", but I felt that could be taken as a challenge, so I toned it down.

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    Three including mine. One is hidden and while I use WPA the other two are encrypted with WEP.

    The hidden ssid also seems to have a tonne of activity (it has 10+ wireless devices) which is weird because there aren't any businesses around or anything.
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    Hey, not to go off topic, but....whats that program ur using to find the networks? Thnx. Ad
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    Showing three now, but there's four most of the time. It's really kind of amazing given that I live in a lower middle class small town neighborhood.

    Yeah, what program is that showing channels? Is it a different widget?

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    At the moment only my network shows up, but sometimes the wireless network from my school (i live right next to it) comes up. I cant connect to it though, even when Im at the school! :(

    Our 'computer technician' has no idea how to configure Macs.
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    3. None of which I can connect to.
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    Just one.. mine! I have a old age home behind me and a few of their younger friends all around me.. so no chance for me to pick up anything else! :D
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    Apartment complex....

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    Steal 'em all!
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    I have 4 including mine. They were all open (not mine) until I passed out a flyer that listed their network name and told them. I don't care to use them, so I didn't care if they knew. I even helped one person secure theirs.
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    None right now - but then I am in a Hospital!
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    I always wonder if people actually do banking and stuff with an open network.
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    Just mine.

    That's what you get in the hills. hollowed out sheep and no wireless networks. I suppose the radiation from the rocks balances out the wifi though!
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    ding ding ding, we have a winner :p
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    I had over a dozen when I lived in an apartment. One of them was encrypted (mine.)

    In the house, I have 5, two of them are mine and are encrypted, Mac filtered, blah, blah. The other three are open.

    Who leaves their networks open!?
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    Judging from this thread....50%-80% of people with wireless routers. My last place I could pick up 5 networks, only one was encrypted

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