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How many 13" MBA Users w/ 2gigs?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ndriver182, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Any feedback from those who stuck with the base 2 gigs of RAM in the 13" model? Satisfaction? Buyer's remorse?

    I'm not fully convinced I need 4 gigs.
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    A quick phrase that should solve all your problems.....

    IT'S SOLDERED TO THE MOTHERBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fork out the extra cash and then you won't have to ever regret not getting that extra ram. The 4GB ram is the one thing they should have made standard, IMO.
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    Yes, I'm fully aware of the issue.
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    Got the base 13", 2 gig, 128 model...no problems here. This is a secondary computer, so I did a software reinstall, I've just installed a bit of my iTunes library...don't need it all on here, only installed iPhoto with some important pics...don't need GarageBand, iWeb, iMovie, etc. on here.

    It probably depends what you want to do. I just needed more continuity of apps than the iPad has offered, but don't intend this to be my primary computer, rather to give me the opportunity to work on what's needed on-the-go.

    I'm really pleased. It's very fast, have had no problems at all.

    Your mileage may vary depending on what you need and expect. ;)
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    I have one here with me now, Been using it the past few days along with a maxed out 11.6. I tired to choke the machine by processing video in Aperture and opening all other programs I had. It did not skip a beat which is purely amazing. So, one can draw their own conclusions.
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    I'm writing this on my Very Quick 13" ~ 4GB ~ 2010 MBA

    Because I plan on keeping mine at least 18 months...

    Max Ram is how I order all my Mac Laptops :)
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    Then why even ask the question. You are spending at least $1300 on a laptop and you are fretting about an extra $100 that will likely extend the usable life of your laptop 6-12 months.

    Seems like a no-brainer to me. But who knows, maybe you like making short-sided decisions...:rolleyes:
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    I'm in California where we have to pay something called sales tax if I buy CTO from Apple. This means a $100 RAM upgrade would cost me ~$1515.00 vs buying a stock system from somewhere like Amazon for ~$1300. Seems to me a 15% savings is something worth considering.
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    Not really. You can get a CTO machine from Amazon, macmall or onSale and not have to pay tax. Seems like your argument is a bit moot at this point. 15% savings at the cost of your laptop being obsolete for you 6-12 months sooner is just stupid.

    Buy as much laptop as you can afford and then don't worry about it. People always fret over their purchases. If you don't have the money, then don't spend it. If you have the money and you have a legitimate need for the ram upgrade, then spend the money and stop whining about tax.

    PS: Also, you being in California doesn't mean crap. Everyone who buys from Apple and lives in a state with sales tax has to pay sales tax. I had to pay it for my MBA. I could have waited for macmall or amazon to get one in stock and not pay the tax, but waiting a month just wasn't something I wanted to do.
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    The state needs the revenue.
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    There are several issues with your reply. First, please show us where on Amazon's site you can currently order any of the new MBA configurations with 4GB of RAM -- and by that, I mean items that are actually available for sale and not listed as "unavailable" (with no indication of when/if stock will be resupplied) or backordered.

    Second, being in California does matter. You mention both MacMall and OnSale as buying options. Did you know that the latter is a subsidiary of the former? And, furthermore, that MacMall (which is, itself, a subsidiary of PCMall) is based in Southern California, which means that sales tax of almost 10% will be applied. This makes buying from MacMall/OnSale no different than buying from the Apple Store, except that with the latter you have less hassle with respect to exchanges or returns if something is wrong.

    So, again, you provide Amazon as an option, but there aren't any 4GB config's available at the moment -- there were a few days ago, but the seller was not Amazon but, coincidentally, OnSale, which would assess tax on the purchase. And you also suggest MacMall and OnSale which also assess sales tax, contrary to what the OP was inquiring about.

    I believe the OP's concern is valid. As a CA resident, opting for a base 2GB model of the 11" MBA, as in my case, costs quite a bit less than configuring one through Apple, MacMall, or OnSale. I should mention that there are two other options that don't assess tax for CA residents: MacConnection and Small Dog.
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    Stock 13" here and no problems. This is my secondary computer though so my needs on it aren't as great.

    Bear in mind this whole useable life thing is frankly a bandwagon appeal. RAM is entirely for multitasking multiple applications - if you don't use many applications at once, or applications that are going to manipulate large files, it frankly doesn't really matter.
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    18 months? Is that a long time? LOL
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    Stock here...and this is my primary computer. I use it for everything. I'm switching to the new MBPs when they are released in a few months though. I should have just stuck with the 11" in the mean time.
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    I had the 13" with 2gigs and just could not let it be... Returned for a 4 gig model. I'm really thinking my MBA will last for a while...
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    Yeah, do I understand that. I just can't seem to let it be either. My wife says why would you want 4gb if it runs fine without? I say to "future proof". She says you never keep a computer longer than the next refresh. So......I have no valid argument to present her with:)
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    My wife is kind of a geek, too. She's the one that said "get it and be done!". Man, I love that woman!!!
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    Agreed! Isn't it sweet?
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    I asked a friend of mine why he didn't wait to BTO 4 gigs in his 11 inch, and he gave me a quite honest answer. "Because I'm insane and it would have required me to wait a few days."

    It sucked waiting more than a week to get my BTO 13, but I'm really glad that I did. It's your machine and choice, but I think for the kind of user that's going to visit the MacRumors forums - we have more information than most of the people that wander into the Apple Store. I think there's no excuse for not being patient, in my personal opinion.
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    I owned the rev A, then the rev B. I never thought that I needed more ram.

    But i'll tell you one thing.

    I thought I needed a better hard drive :D
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    I've got the base 13" and it's haven't had an issue at all.

    I came from a 13" MBP with 4GB and the new MBA is faster on all fronts.
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    Great reply. I'm on the same boat as OP. I purchased a 11" 2GB RAM and I'm very happy with it since it's my 2nd machine. I need a 13" MBA for my wife and I'm not sure she would even need a 4GB machine. Currently, I'm looking to purchase from MacConnection since I also live in CA.

    Anyone with the 13" 1.86 2GB ram use iMovie? that's the most "intensive" app that my wife will use, I wonder if 2GB will be enough for that.
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    What people are forgetting is that the built-in ram is not all yours to use. There's a large amount that used to run the system which is called "Wired".
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    I have used Aperture and iMovie processing video and opening as many apps as I can while I do it. The machine does not hiccup at all. This is a 1.86 13" Stock new model
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    A little bit off-topic... I am jealous where did you find a woman like that?! attractive and geeky - a dream come true :rolleyes:

    4GB 11" here. did not want it to swap the files between ram and ssd causing additional write accesses and it was about 100€ more expensive (with tax)

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