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How many are pulling content from an eyetv or other pvr?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ratter, Jun 10, 2008.

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    My movie collection is getting filled out nicely, but now I'm looking at TV shows. I feel a bit silly buying things through iTunes when I'm already paying for cable.

    Is anybody here using an eyetv or other pvr (sage, myth, mce, whatever) to create content for their ATV? Do you have it automated at all?

    I have an old G4 ibook as a dedicated itunes server. It probably wouldn't do very well as a pvr. But if I can find a solution that really works, I wouldn't mind adding another machine.

    Ideally I'd like to schedule recordings as far in advance as possible (ie season pass) and have the recordings converted to h.264, tagged, and loaded into iTunes. As automated as possible. I don't need any live TV functions...pause, etc. Just recording.
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    I use EyeTV on my 24" iMac, and do basically what you're suggesting. The newest version of the EyeTV software lets you create smart recording lists, that will automatically record a show based on your criteria ("Star Trek" or "Formula One Racing," for example). I also set it up to export to AppleTV, so when it's done recording, it exports to iTunes automatically. (I also have the Turbo.264 from Elgato to speed up the export process.)

    It's a slick set up, and I like that I can add shows to the queue for recording from anywhere by accessing the TitanTV website.
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    I have a similar setup to Gerg. It works great. I use an EyeTV 250 connected to my Mini, and save on an external HD. I usually use EyeTV's editing feature to snip out the commercials before I (manually) export to iTunes, but it works pretty nicely.
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    Thanks for the input! Does eyeTV tag the files? Does it work well? The eyeTV hybrid + turbo might be a good combo for this old ibook...
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    I've been looking at getting an eyeTV as well so these are great responses! Did you guys set up applescripts to add it automatically to itunes and then the apple tv after it exports or is there a setting within eyeTV's software to export directly to itunes?
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    Yes, somewhat. EyeTV puts the show in iTunes as a TV show (not a movie) and will tag it with whatever relevant info it knows about the show (whatever it gets from TitanTV, if that's what you use to schedule the recording). Usually that just amounts to the Show name, episode name, and description. Doesn't usually know series or episode numbers.
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    EyeTV has settings in it to set your export preferences, and you can tell it to always export once it's done recording, so it is more or less automatic.
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    Can someone confirm or test if it also records and exports subtitles? (closed captioning for deaf people)

    many thanks

    RedTomato <<- deaf as a post.
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    Wow, I love technology.
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    only problem is it doesn't delete the original version on its own. i have this setup and i've yet to figure out why you can't set eyetv to delete the original recording after its been exported to itunes. so I have to go in every few days and delete what's in eyetv. anyone found a way to work around that?
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    I'm using Equinux TubeStick to get over the air HDTV. Haven't really recorded many shows yet but it works much like EyeTV. I really wish I could plug the TubeStick in the USB port in the back of Apple TV. One day maybe!

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