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How many Aussies?

Discussion in 'Community' started by sluthy, May 26, 2002.

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    I've been surprised to notice a fair share of Australian posters on these pages. For a while I felt like I was the only Mac fan in Australia, but this site has given me hope. :)

    So how many Aussies are there? I know a couple, please tell me if I miss out on you (don't be harsh please, this is off the top of my head).

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    I forgot mmmdreg. Sorry.
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    Beej is in Melbourne...

    mac15 is in Sydney (where else would he be)...

    mmmdreg is in Sydney...

    j763 is in Melbourne.

    So more specifically, anyone from Queensland?
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    Are you having a nice chat here sluthy? :p

    You'll probably have to wait a while for responses from your fellow ozzies.
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    pleased t'meetcha
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    all let us rejoyce

    right here.
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    Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Ah, brings a tear to the eye.

    MR Lurker - Adelaide
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    ..for we are young and free... (and use Macs)

    Look at us all come from out of the woodwork!

    Before I came here, I too felt that I was the only Mac fan in Australia. Apple Aus does nothing good for the Apple brand. A lot of people don't think Macs even exist amy more...
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    more the merrier
    and they did play the imac ad on TV the other night which was cool
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    There are a lot of us!

    So there's also Macette, Jipper and MR Lurker. Cool.

    I also agree with Beej, Apple Australia needs a kick in the a*** to get more shops and supplies out there. The one out here is a pretty backyard job, but it does the job - with a waiting list.

    Anyone else? From Queensland?
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    i also saw the apple ad -- i just caught the very end of it during 7's Alias. In the other week's episode, Alias featured transperant Mac OS X terminal windows too :D

    Anyways, on the subject of Apple Australia, you guys have to remember that they sell less macs in Australia & N.Z. combined than they do in San Francisco metro (excl. bay area) -- i.e. not many. So that's probably why there isn't so much cash floating around in Apple Aus.
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    ...and why do you think that is?
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    beej, i hear what you're saying but the guys at apple usa probably couldn't care less about australia... because even if apple australia had loads of cash, it still would be a tiny market here... and i can't see apple usa bothering to get involved all the way down here, as depressing as that is...
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    Mac prices in Oz

    Hello, fellow Aussies

    I have a quick question about the pricing of Macs in Australia in relation to international currency conversion. For example, the low-end FP iMac is $US1399 and $AUS3199 (incl. GST). Now, assuming there's currently $AUS0.56 to the $US1.00, by my calculations the low-end Mac should be priced roughly:

    $US1399 / 0.56 = 2498 + 249.80 (GST) = $AUS2748

    My point is, even taking into account shipping and GST, the Macs in Australia appear to be several hundred dollars overpriced comparatively speaking to the US market.

    Of course, I have no experience in these matters, so there may be a legitimate reason for all this.
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    yep - overpriced. try 1100 for an ipod... ouch.

    it's because they suck and we're suckers.

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    If the aussie dollare was a bit stronger then I wouldn't of had to pay $3900 for my imac.....:(

    But macs are on heaps and heaps of aussie TV
    Every person on the 'Secret life of us' has one, and they were in 2 commercials I saw yesterday
    Colgate ad:Cinema display in background
    Lean Cuisean ad: Cinema dispays, newG4 imac (it looks awesome) a few ti-books

    so it ain't that bad;)
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    Even Verisign sign bills are costl.y here-Styardiock software. For example Harvey Norman has a Canon printer (S200-does it work with macs?) for $159 while other stores eg. Myer have it for $190. I have a imac brochure- tyhe iphgoto page is misleading. Why- Apple does not know of consumer image editors for PC.

    And Sunberam owns the rights fopr the "Classic" word- not to desvcrbe a osx feature, but a appliance.
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    How about antipodeans in general?!?

    Do Kiwis count, then? I'm from Auckland originally - but, like so many of my countrymen, moved to Australia when I was 21 (what we NZers refer to as the West Island! Ha!). I lived in Sydney for about 6 years (the Big Smoke), where I met my future wife. A week after we got married, we moved to London - and have more-or-less been here ever since, and have got a little 2 year old boy called Oscar (lucky bugger's got a U.K. AND an Aussie passport, so he's set for life!). Apparently, he's going to be some great Aussie cricketer one day, according to one of my wife's wierd clairvoyant friends.


    However, "I still call Australia home...";)
  19. ntg
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    Yes - it brings a tear to mine, too!! (I was out there for the Olympics, and the noise was as loud as the hospitality was good)

    Thanks.:cool: :D
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    Did you know you're all descended from british criminals? Australia was used as a prison for the the perpetrators of the worst crimes in the UK.

    That's probably why Australians do so well in the track events in the olympics ;) :D
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    Re: Ozzies

    But we don't! We suck at track. We're good at swimming... heh - we got good a that from trying to swim back 'home' to England! :p

    Oh, and thanks for the history lesson :p

    But what about all the people who moved out here for the gold? Australia was good for more than just English criminals (and still is :D)
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    Mr. Anderson

    It started out as a penal colony, but beej is right, Australia had plenty if imigration that was voluntary.

    My grandmother on my mother's side was from Australia - not sure where, but her familly moved there from Ireland. She moved to South Africa later and met my grandfather, so I'm partially Australian, bet you didn't figure that, eh beej?

    I was born in South Africa, but my dad was American, so I was a US citizen from the start. And I only spent 3 years there and have no memories, just some pictures.

    So does that make me an honorary Aussie?
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    Ahhh, everyone has a bit of the Aussie spirit somewhere deep inside!
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    yeah a littrle bit of layied back lazyness in all of us:D
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    Heh... laziness, larrikinism, and uh... laid backness!

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