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How many have purchase foreflight mobile for $69 ?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by aerospace, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Apparently those on iphone can see the download #

    I'm curious =)
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    as of now at 3:50 CST there are 11 downloads.

    It looks really cool and is great help for pilots.
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    People seem to think this is expensive, but for pilots it's equal to less than an hour of flight time. I would think it would be a no brainer for a pilot with an iPhone.
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    I agree its likely really good for those who own their own planes, although I'd imagine 10/11 of those just wanted to see what it was, likely websites setting up info about apps and buy lots of them to test.
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    Bad a*s program for pilots. A ton of these will get sold.
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    I was actually a bit dissapointed with current offerings.

    Probably half the apps existed in some form on the jailbroken phone or webapp...yes they might be more refined or have some extra features.

    That being said I think they will improve greatly seeing that they only accepted 4000 applicants into the program and only gave 550 permission to be in itunes at launch...and its only been like 3 months to work on them
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    the thing that round 1 of apps have proved is the hardware capability of the iphone. i'm impressed on so many levels with the apps i got. i don't think you'll see BB pearls being able to process a game of super monkey ball any time soon. this phone just got endless possibility of expansion given to it. anyone that is unhappy is insane. keep in mind this is only the DAY ONE APPS :D
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    totally. these are REAL, FUNCTIONAL, ELEGANT apps! these aren't webapps!!
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    I'm surprised foreflight isn't twice as expensive or be $69 per year
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    Oh I realize it... I think many people are going to be FLOORED when you see all of the vertical apps that come to be... The iPhone is a great form factor and aches to be incorporated into just about everything imaginable or otherwise.

    This 'little' App store will be the driving force behind unprecedented iPhone sales... Just you wait and see. You think the iPod sales (year over year over year) was impressive? You ain't seen nuttin yet! Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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    My dad has his private pilot license and my uncle flies for Continental so I kinda know about some of this stuff. Seems like a great app.
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    I just got my private pilots license about 2 weeks ago and I'm super pumped for this application! When my next paycheck arrives, I will be buying it as well! There is a ton of information in one place instead of having to call a bunch of places and fill out a bunch of paperwork or go to a bunch of different websites! My father is a captain for American Airlines and they get it for free there. :(

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