How many hours to design a Photoshop mockup?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Pierce, Jul 27, 2009.

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    I am curious what your "average" time frame is for designing a website "mockup" in Photoshop. Here is an example situation. Small information site with 6-8 pages. The client wants to see one or two mockups of just the home page.

    I know there are many variables to this equation like experience, type of site , etc. But I am curious to know how many hours people spend on designing a site?
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    Learning Learning Learning

    Wow, I never thought of mocking everything up in Photoshop. That's a great idea.
    As you can tell I am a complete novice, I have spent about a solid month working mine out lol :eek:. And I'm nowhere near done, I keep changing my mind :p and coming across problems every step of the way. But so interesting.

    Can't wait to see what sort of money and time are spent on sites.
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    The revision to my personal/business website took around 10 evenings, but thats basically 5 different pages, plus some revisions, plus I'm a picky so and so.

    Client brief ones, usually about 3 hours per mockup but this may increase if the site design is a little more complex. Its only a mockup, fine tuning can be done in final development.
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    3 hours.

    3 hours, you must be a complete pro. It's taking me days just to do my logo, I keep changing my mind, coming across problem after problem :eek:.
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    Designer Dale

    This is part of a site I comped out in PhotoShop as a student project. Once I got the interface built it was fairly smooth going. The interface took me about 16 hours total and the remaining pages about 2 hours each. I'm not a web designer and this was the first time I tried something like this in PS.


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    3 Hours :eek:

    I feel really stupid, it took a month to create just a logo for new client including testing and redesigns... And 2 months to create a 90 Seconds news graphics promotion.

    Good design takes time.
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    That's like asking how long to build a car. What kind of car, what motor, what transmission, etc... I've had mock-ups take 3 hours and I've had them take 100 hours.
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    If i have a good client brief and when designing from a pre existing logo & colour scheme it would usually take me 2 - 4 hours in photoshop - another hour or so in html. That's for a fairly standard 'brochure' like company website.

    Larger development projects can take me weeks to create something in photoshop.
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    Obviously it takes longer to get a final design, but my estimate of about 3 hours is for a concept mockup, it hasn't got to be 100% as long as it gets the idea across. I'm not sure about anyone else but I normally keep my old mockups too meaning often as not I can just tweak to suit the new brief :cool: Theres not html etc involved at this stage (it could be a complete waste of time after all)

    Once the idea is approved then you do a final design etc which would add a bit more time onto it.

    I don't include time for a logo (I spent about 7 days designing an updated logo for myself) etc in a mockup, this is a completely different process and would have been done before hand or supplied by the client.
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    Quoted for truth.
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    We're about 200-225 hours for a social networking site. Obviously various pages. We're not even near complete either :eek:

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