How many iPad specific apps will be available on 4/3?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by johnmoorejohn, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Anyone have any idea? Any educated guesses?

    How about a month later? 3 months later?

    Are there any apps that have been announced to be ready on 4/3?
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    how is anyone supposed to know?
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    I will guess 1000
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    the only app that will matter that has been confirmed is Plants vs Zombies :D
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    No doubt there will be MANY... but I think on the INITAL day of release, maybe not a whole lot, but I'd say give it a week or maybe less or more, and it'll spike. Just a hunch.
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    I'm pretty sure Apple is only approving certain apps that it wants specifically for the launch. Didn't the email they sent out about submitting apps for the launch say something like apps must be submitted by (whatever date) to be "considered"?
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    They are probably being more picky than usual, but still not THAT picky.
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    I'm not sure what they even meant but I'm guessing there will still be a pretty decent selection and then even more in the following weeks.

    I'm betting most of the apps they demoed in January will be featured at launch. I'm really hoping MLB's app will be ready...that's the one I'm looking forward to.
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    wrong. 16.
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    No, you idiot, there will only be 16 pointless apps but 17 in total.
    Get your facts right next time.
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    I can say without hesitation that 23 is the number

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    Unbelievable. All these people just don't know what they are talking about.

    17 for sure.
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    iPad Specific? My guess is 11. Ammoin HD, Azkend HD, Flight Control HD, Grind HD, HD Recovery,
    Labyrinth 2 HD, NBA Hotshot HD, Numba HD, Plants vs. Zombies HD, Sparkle HD and Worms HD.


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    All of them.
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    42, obviously.
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    I think there will be at least 250, but up to 2000. Considering some apps require the device to be made or tested properly.
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    But I know for a fact and can proove that the number has always been 23
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    I'm going 50.
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    Right, that is the answer, now you must ask the right question.
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    Sleazy E


    you are both correct in a way. There will be 14 full working apps and 2 lite versions of the apps.
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    you can find the question, and the answer in 23
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    I'll take the over.
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    One of the benefits to getting the 3G version I think is simply allowing for developers to fix bugs and release versions of their apps for the iPad. By the time I get mine it'll have a lot of the kinks worked out for the apps that were released on or near launch day. Plus other developers who are waiting until they have an iPad in hand will likely have their apps near completion as well.
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    I honestly don't remember how many were out for the original App store launch, but my honest guess its going to be at 500+, When you have 150k applications out there I would think that at least .5% of those apps would be set up for iPad.

    1% would be 1500. We'll see!

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