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How many iPods have you owned?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 1, 2006.

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    8 to date...plan to get my 9th on friday(assuming the Apple Store has new shuffles in stock!)

    They are like drugs....legal drugs!
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    8 here as well, however, I only ever owned 2 at a time. The upgrade bug just hits hard.
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    B&W Click Wheel, but the battery's starting to go...tempted to grab a new iPod instead of bothering with the battery replacement. Considering that a Shuffle's almost as expensive as a new battery...

    Uh, oh, maybe I'll have to change my answer to a pending 2...
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    Why is there no 'None' option? Am I being discriminated against? iPodism? Seriously, none. I don't need one, though I'd get a Shuffle for morning walks if they halved the price.
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    ive had 3 1st gen first month it came out got the 15gig 3 gen and the 5 gen ipod vid
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    Just wondering...why have more than one at a time? Has the sound drastically improved or something? Or is it just gadget-mania?
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    8 for me, plus 2 for my wife.

    I have: (I keep them all :) )

    - Original 5Gb
    - 3rd Gen 40Gb
    - Color 60Gb
    - Video 60Gb
    - Mini 4Gb (green)
    - Shuffle 1Gb
    - Nano 1st gen 4Gb (black)
    - Nano 2nd gen 8Gb (black)

    My wife has:

    - Mini 4Gb (pink)
    - Nano 4Gb (pink)

    My next one will be the real video iPod. :)
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    Dang. one. Only One, but I will *will* get the Video iPod. Ooooh yes. :)
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    -3G 15 gig (or was it a 20?)
    -512 shuffle
    -60 gig video
    -2G shuffle
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    11.. soon to be 12 once the 2G shuffle is available in stores!!

    Edit: wait, 12 - I once had two shuffles :D
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    3... but only 2 at a time... my first ipod (which is almost full) was my 60gb ipod photo... then i bought the 4gb black ipod nano when it was released (the first generation nano)... then sold that the day the brushed aluminum ones were released and got a 4gb silver :)

    I think I'm gonna sell my 60gb ipod photo in a couple weeks and get an 80gb video ipod, and i'm contemplating getting a shuffle, but i dunno... while it's awesome, i'm not really sure i want an ipod without a display :/
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    I've owned 5. Why is that not an option? :confused:
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    - 5gig 1st gen (bought on 10/23/2k1!)
    - 40gig 3rd gen (since given to my dad)
    - 1gb shuffle (first gen)
    - 60gb 5th gen video
    - 4gb first gen nano

    so i currently have four of five, however the original 5gb is mostly decorative...
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    Four so far. 4G iPod (60 GB), 1G nano (4 GB), 5G iPod (60 GB -- replaced 4G iPod), 2G nano (8 GB -- replaced 1G nano).
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    1 ipod

    1 pod here. 1st gen still kicking! sure it only charges in the wall now and the battery life gives me about 2 hours (as long as i leave the backlight off) but i love it.
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    I just have 1 iPod, the 60GB iPod Video, still going strong and i still love it :D.
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    Wow. After they replaced my first generation iPod for the third time, I started thinking that maybe I should upgrade. So far the original flash 4gig Nano has been taking a lickin' and is still tickin'...its probably the best gadget I've ever owned.
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    I've owned 4 iPods. I had a 10GB 2nd generation that ended up with an old girlfriend. The rest that I am in possession of are a 40GB 4th Gen, a 1GB 1st Gen Nano, and a 512MB 1st Gen Shuffle.
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    I would buy gas for my car, if they halved the price.;)
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    Two thus far, what with my recent purchase of a 1G Shuffle. I will be trading up for a video iPod if it lives up to expectations, as I'm just now getting into the whole portable music video/DVD rip love.

    I enjoy the iPod and mine has definitely worn its money worth and held up quite brilliantly (even after I dropped it in a slush puddle back in December, where it sat in the rain for 8 hours). I've used my 5G at least an two hours a day every day since I bought it 1 year ago. My biggest problem is that I keep killing my headphones. :(
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    None! *runs for the hills*
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    6 Total, 2 current

    6 total

    oldest first:

    2 - 1st Gen iPod Original 5GB Original Scroll Wheel (bought 1st one in Apple Store 1st day of release, which was a tad of 5 years ago recently) Might still work, if I replace the drive and/or battery. (sold one of them, but this is the very first and the one bought from new Apple Store.

    1 - 2nd Gen 40GB iPod with the 4-button backlite control above wheel (sold)

    1 - 4th Gen 60GB iPod photo "sold" to family member

    1 - 1st Gen 4GB Nano (White)

    1 - 5G (Late-2006) 80GB Video
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    2, a shuffle and a 20 gb 3g, still have the shuffle though it's a bit broken.
    will get 2g shuffle and an 80 gb 5.5g soon.
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    My 3rd gen 20GB iPod is still serving me well after almost 2 and a half years (July 04). I'm planning to get a new iPod along with a MBP early next year. :D

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