How many of you actually listen to "podcasts" on your iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Cfg5, Jul 18, 2005.

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    I've been finding myself listening to podcasts on my emac most of the time, rather than my ipod. How many of you listen to podcasts on your ipod most of the time?
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    Never on iPod, never on computer
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    i normally listen to podcasts while im on the bus with my iPod. I listen to podcasts every now and then on my mac.
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    I don't have enough spare time to listen to podcasts.

    If I did have more free time, I'd listen to them on my computer, but not my iPod.
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    I listen to podcasts on my ipod while I am at work mostly. Just sitting at the computer doing calculations, writing lab reports, working in CAD, Etc.
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    I've listened to portions of a bunch of podcasts and was rather underwhelmed. I'm sure there are good ones out there but those I've found seem like a group of bored friends with a microphone.

    So I don't listen anymore. But I love Club 977 on internet radio. :)
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    I have just downloaded an Inside Mac Radio Jul 15th podcast and listened to it. Not that bad, but pity that its in english and its just small chucks of radio shows, nothing special. Probably will listen to some podcasts on my iPod
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    I just use my computer.

    Until iPods support video and radio I don't really have need of one.
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    I listen to podcasts in the car using my shuffle and a stereo cassette adapter. I don't usually listen to mac-oriented ones because I've typically already seen all the news here, so they seem rather silly. However, I really like Grape Radio, which is a podcast about wine -- not quite as professional as, say NPR, but a pretty good podcast. Reel Reviews Radio, a movie podcast, isn't bad either.
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    I don't yet listen to them – neither on my iPod nor on my Mac. But the "Tagesschau" (a German news show) is bringing out a podcast of their 15-minute show at the end of July. If I can download them before I go to work, I will listen to them on my way there, because I often miss the show in the evening.
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    MacPolls has a thread on this, might help to check that out too..... but no i have never used a podcast and will not in the foreseeable future
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    i do listen to podcasts on my com...ipod? no...
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    mad jew

    Never have. Probably never will. :)

    I think it's because I get bored way too easily. Short attention span... :(
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    mac 2005

    Not a one. The only thing I'd really be interested in, though, is "Morning Edition" or "All Things Considered" from NPR.

    Were they available, I'd be podcasting.
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    I have about a 30 minute commute and I listen to Podcasts during that time. I used to get some of the Mac oriented ones, but I know most of the stuff they are talking about. I now listen to mostly science ones, a few sports, and a movie review one. Some examples are Universe Today, Science @ NASA, First Take Movie Reviews, and ESPN Radio.
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    I have XM radio; between that, audiobooks and music on the ipod, and NPR I have more content to choose from in my car than I do in my house. I did grab Terry Gross' White Stripes interview (free on itunes) to try out a podcast-- pretty nifty, in a TiVO sort of way. But in general, no, I haven't been listening to podcasts. I think they are like video games-- plenty of people have time for them; just not me.
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    - Mostly listen to podcasts on iPod at work
    - Sometimes listen in my car with iTrip
    - Seldomly listen on my Mac Mini

    On average, I listen to about a half dozen podcasts a week. So far my favorites are TWIT, Science Friday and This Week in Science.
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    Downloaded a few, just to test it, never actually listened to any. They managed to get synced over to my mini, but I as soon as I discovered them they went straight off again.

    Don't listen to radio, have no need for podcasts (at least not any I've found, yet).
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    Don't listen to them either. I had a browse through them after iTunes added then but nothing leapt out at me.
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    I listen to podcasts (especially CBC Radio 3 and Battlestar Galactica commentary) on my PB. On my iPod, I just don't have enough time. Funny as it is a 10-15 min. walk to school (summer school gives more time to enjoy the pleasures of this world). But, I usually just like to listen to the sounds of nature, cars zooming by and saying hello to passing students like myself instead of plugging in some headphones.
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    ((( NICE PODCAST )))

    These Are Podacast That Deserve a Listen

    I am a designer and I really like to listen these podcast in the car on my way to work (via iPod) AND while I work on my computer. If you deal with anything creative they really seem to give you some insight and inspiration.

    Media Artist Secrets - Hosted by Franklin McMahon
    - This podcast is from a studio professional that gives great pep talks about the media industry, building your career and working towards your goals as a creative. **Its really fascinating to listen to the production quality increase as the series progresses**

    SpaceMusic - Hosted by TC
    - This podcast is a little different to explain but you can't stop listening once you start. TC is a music producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands that incorporates every element of life into his podcast. If he is baking cookies you will hear the recipe over ambient beats. He has special guest that are always fascinating. My favorites are podcast that take place with TC floating "in space" while conducting his podcast "250 Kilometers above sea level".

    The Beat Oracle - Hosted by Michael and Noah
    - HOT Underground HIP HOP and ELECTRONIC

    Just a couple of things yall might wanna check out!!!
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    I listen to Insomnia Radio on my's a weekly show. I don't think I'd have time to listen to a daily show.
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    i tried to listen to a mac news podcast but the people were too nerdy and i couldnt stand the way their voices sounded and i tried the espn radi one but its always just a little part of the show so its pretty lame too
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    espn ever so often.
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    Never on my iPod, rarely on my computer...

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