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how many people downloaded my App from AppStore

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by zed2, Jul 31, 2008.

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    So I've uploaded an application to AppStore (Free), but I don't seem to have any way to tell how many people downloaded it, let alone who?

    Am I missing something here or are we not allowed to know this information?

    I do see on my iphone when browsing the AppStore a "Number of downloaded" however it always seems to show Zero.

    I see the number of downloads as being very key to picking which apps I should update and which I should drop.

    Any ideas? other than having the App ping home when it's installed!?!

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    Everyone is in the same boat as you. Until Apple tells us all we can do is estimate using other (FAR more speculative) measures. There are a number of threads with theories about how to extrapolate sales, but hopefully Apple will give us daily or at least weekly reports of sales. Real time reports would be best but I'm not holding my breath.
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    glad it's not just me. However it's a little annoying.. If I was distribution the apps myself then I have real time information. The least apple could do it a daily or weekly update as part of the itunesconnect.

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    All we get are the monthly financial reports (which I'm pretty sure should work for free apps too since they show up in iTunes receipts.)

    Hopefully they will be appearing tomorrow rather than 30 days after the store launched.
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    I did!

    When I saw your post title, I thought you wanted us to respond if we downloaded your app! :p
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    hehe well that's one person then!.. so now do I do some funky maths that says well if we have 64 readers of this post and 1/64 people downloading my App... now we have 10 million iphones in the world... so 1/64 *10million = 156,250 downloads!.. darn I should have charged for it! :D:p:mad::eek:

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    This data is now available from iTunes Connect! There's a new "Sales / Trend Reports" section that lets you see downloads for both free and for-pay apps.
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    Ok now that's cool...

    In the two days my app has been up it's been downloaded nearly 2000 times!

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    I'm not able to find this section :(

    There are only 4 sections
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    Email them, for some reason they have to turn it on for some people (like me.)
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    Nice, my problem is solved.

    I wrote an e-Mail and now I have my Trends/Sales Report.


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