How many songs on your iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by LOLZpersonok, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I didn't see any thread on this website related to this even after I searched it. So, here's mine.

    On my 7th generation iPod Nano, I've got exactly 714 songs. On my iPod Touch 4th generation, I've got about 200, all from Hybrid (the Welsh band). On my 2nd generation iPod Touch, I've got about 600. On my 4th generation iPod Nano I've got about 300.

    How about you?
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    On my ipod video i have 3479 atm, but a significant amount are DJ-mix albums so realistically around a minimum of 4000 "songs" and I still have 33 gigs available
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    My 5th gen iPod Nano has 5305. The manual says it should store 4000. I have over 7000 in my iTunes library,but a lot of them are not ones that I listen to a lot, so I chose not to put them in my i Pod
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    16533 on my 160 Classic. Just finished loading it last night. Took forever converting ALAC to 256kbps. 20 gigs of room to spare. Gotta love the Classic.
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    You beat the system.
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    Yup :D
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    On my iTunes library I have 5,000 songs, but on my iPhone I have far, far, far more. Grooveshark my friend ;)

    Imagine Spotify minus the lame, and minus the whole "copyright" thing. lolol.
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    962 songs taking up moar than 14 GB. Just looked into why they take up the space that they do and apparently I've ripped about 20 CDs into lossless. :rolleyes:

    They are on my weirdo 30GB Classic in a 6th or 7th gen body.
    That's what you get when you buy from Craigslist.'s first post!!
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    3 playlist, about 100 each, so 300 songs.
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    13100, 60+ playlists, every single year and album correctly filled in, and every song star rated. It's taken over 7 years...
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    On my 5th. Gen. iPod Touch, 1,027 songs. And counting.
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    2192 for me on my 160gb ipod classic :)
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    30GB 5G iPod - 1934 songs, 64 videos, and 5383 photos

    My iPod is primarily a carPod; my iPhone is used for most of my iPod duties, clocking in at 1836 songs, 41 videos, and 4241 photos.
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    On my iPod Classic: 35450 Songs
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    Lil Chillbil

    1000 on my 1 gen ipod
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    I don't have so many songs,just 369 songs on iPod,but these all are my favorite songs.
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    856. I've only got a 4gb ipod at the moment and it's completely full so when I get a new one I will have more.
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    1600 songs in iTunes for about 100GB. That's quality :)
    On my iPhone about 700 because I can't store everything.

    Somewhere under the dust i've got an iTunes library with >10.000 mp3 songs. But I can't support the bad quality...
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    I have more than 600 songs on my iPod. But most of the time i watch videos on iPod.
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    Near 500 on my iPod mini, all of my 1750 on my (currently misplaced) iPod nano.

    Debating on whether or not to spend the dough to put a CF card in the mini and be able to carry everything with me. (I've spent enough of my Christmas money as it is. :p)
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    iPod Classic: !3976
    On my 16GB Nano, I can fit over 5,000 or maybe it was 3000 can't remember, if I downconvert them to 128KBPS.
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    Around 3878 so far on my 5G iPod Touch with 20GB Free, I down sample everything on my iPod to 256kbps AAC from ALAC in iTunes

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