How many wisdom teeth do/did you have?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by stridey, Jul 28, 2005.

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    I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, and was surprised to find that instead of the four I thought I had, I actually have five wisdom teeth. According to the oral surgeon, they see people with anywhere between 0 and eight wisdom teeth! :eek:

    So the question is, how many do you have?

    Edit: Also, if you've had them out, how old were you at the time? (I'm 19)
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    I had four, and they have all gone on to better things. :D

    Good luck with your surgery! I hope it is not too painful, and that your recovery is quick! :)
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    I have 0 of 4. Got rid of them things a few years ago. The drugs were fun. The pain wasn't.
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    I currently have four. They are being pulled next Friday (I feel I have waited too long to get this done). I hope no more come in.

    My uncle had his original four pulled, then four more grew back, and he had to have them pulled again :eek:

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    I'm a 0'fer now as well out of 4. Surgery went VERY fast, in fact a lot faster then I thought it would, took em only 45 mins for all 4 including prep time and putting me down!

    Only thing I didn't like was the balllloooonn of a face I had afterwards. :eek:

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    I have 4. Actually I had 4, I have only 1 left. The top left I got pulled here in Japan. Only novocain and a quick pull and it was out (well done.) The top right I had done in the US and it wasn't as much fun: "does this hurt?" "YES" "Ok" <more novocain> "how about this?" I didn't eat breakfast that morning, so when I got out into the waiting room after having it done I turned white and almost passed out. The people in the waiting room were all looking at me :rolleyes: :eek:
    The bottom right one had come in so far that it literally took 2 second of pulling and it was out; barely felt a thing. I was in and out of the hospital in about 20 minutes.
    The last one, the bottom right, is going to make itself memorable :mad: I just went to see the orthodontic surgeon on Tuesday and he said it's partially in my jaw bone. They're going to have to cut away some of my jaw bone, chisel the tooth in half then pull both bits separately.
    To make things worse, I'm going to Boston next week on Friday so I can't have it done. I'll get it done when I come back (4 days before going back to school) because my favorite surgeon is leaving the hospital at the end of August.
    This is going to be a crappy summer vacation :( :( :(

    Don't worry stridey, I'm sure you'll be fine. Are you going to be knocked out? If so, you'll sleep through the whole thing :) When you wake up, it's into a cab and on your way home. Then you can sit around watching TV and movies all you like. (I was awake for all mine; in Japan they don't put you to sleep for wisdom teeth. If you need more than 1 pulled, you wait about 2-3 weeks between each one.)

    Let us know how it goes!
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    had 4.

    now have 0.

    had the operation with just novacane. i hate being sedated, don't like putting chemicals in my body. (other than alcohol ;) )

    being awake for the operation was interesting... since it was a friday afternoonl, i decided to wait till monday to get my pain medication filled...


    one of the longest weekends of my life- very very painful without anything to numb the pain. by the time monday rolled around, i didn't end up getting the pain pills anyway...
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    All four with room and they are straight! I guess I am four times wiser, brush four times longer, buy toothpaste and floss four times larger...
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    Yeah, I'll be asleep for the operation, and then my girlfriend will drive me home while I'm all groggy and we'll sit around and watch movies. Apparently none of them are far enough into the gums to cause real problems, so the part I'm most worried about is the needle (I know it's not that much pain. it's the concept of a piece of metal being inserted into my arm that I don't like).
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    Jesus- are you serious? When I had my bottom done I was in real pain. (Japanese pain killers are pretty weak.) I was in such pain that I was in a foul mood and scared some of my students.
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    I'm not a big fan either. For your gums though, before injecting them they sometimes rub some cream on them that numbs them up. Once that's done you won't really feel much but a pinch.
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    I've got four, and they're not going anywhere. (Also, my tonsils and my appendix. Only 100% original parts here.)

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    Just to cast a vote in the other direction, I was not in much pain, and don't think I took much of the pain medication. Heh. My ride got lost and I ended up walking (<1 mile) home from surgery! :eek: :D

    I spit up a little blood later that night, but other than that, it wasn't too bad. I just couldn't eat much for a weekend. I got my wisdom teeth pulled over the Thanksgiving break because I was so busy that year, there was no other time. :rolleyes: Suppose it was good weight loss incentive! :eek: :eek:

    The only painful part of mine was that the local anesthetic was not strong enough on first go, and I could feel the pliers! I mumbled and the dental surgeon understood that it wasn't, and put in more.... :) After that, 'twas fine.

    But if you're going under, it shouldn't be an issue for you.
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    yes, serious... it was a lesson in pain threshold...

    i reccomend getting the perscription filled AHEAD of time if possible... have the pills ready to go...
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    I still have all of them in my head. I'm so wise.
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    I actually thought I was going to be able to keep mine, until part of one sheered off right as anakin went gonzo on the paduans. Then they said "nevermind, we changed our minds, all four have to go." It wasn't until later that I found out I had a fifth.
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    All four of mine were pulled in a fairly pain-free manner (I was under anesthetics). My dad apparently had 6.
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    Had four, got them pulled a decade ago. Wife had 2 pulled and will soon have the other 2 pulled. For awhile they were telling her she still had three but now they're pretty sure it's just the two.
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    I had TWO, uppers only (no lowers). Having them out when the time came was quite easy... the oral surgeon just shot me full of novocaine and pulled them out (the second one he had to shatter in place and then extract the pieces). Jammed my cheeks full of cotton and told me to take Tylenol if it hurt. My contribution after insurance was a mere $10. I was back at work the following Monday (I had it done on a Friday afternoon).

    My sister had all FOUR, and she had to have the gas, the whole nine yards. She was at home recovering for a few days, with the full course of painkillers.
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    0 for 4. Got really tore up on the drugs though, so that was nice. ;)
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    I had 3. All of them were removed.
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    #22 clue really...4 I suppose. Here in a couple of years I will need to have them removed, so that number will become to 0...
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    had four, removed them. well, not myself of course, an oral surgeon. my teeth are terribly weak, so predictably, they started breaking apart, so it took a while. the dry socket was a bitch, it took months for the gums to finally fill in right. told them i wouldn't stop smoking :rolleyes: had to be at work the next day, which was a bitch. of course this is the place that "had an emergency" and made me come back to work an hour after a botched root canal... i was not pleasant that afternoon.
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    Jaffa Cake

    I developed four and I still have all of them – and I have to say they all came through without any problems or complications. I suppose I must just have a big mouth. :D
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    I had 4 and they are all gone now! My friend had 6 whch all needed to be removed (ouch!) and another friend, after having his 4 removed, had 2 of them grow back! (Essentially he had 6, but 2 were underneath another set.)

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