How much bandwidth a month is allowed on .Mac account ???

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by mrwonkers, Feb 16, 2006.

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    How much bandwidth a month is allowed on .Mac ???
    Just wondering if anyone knows exactly how much bandwidth Apple allows to be downloaded per month on a new .Mac account.
    I have just set up a website using iWeb for a film event that a group of us run, we want to be able to load up a couple of hundred mbs of movies a month for the public to be able to freely access.
    In a really busy month downloads may max out around 200gb or so.......
    I imagine this is not possible though as that amount of data seems rather large.
    Any info or suggestions as to the best solution/s 4 us would be greatly appreciated.
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    .Mac gives you 5GB/half month (10 GB/month, but limits are evaluated per half month), so it is way below what you need.

    There are many better options for you, including DreamHost and others.

    Note that iWeb can create sites for any site - it's just easier to do with .Mac. You don't need .Mac to use iWeb.
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    I thought they bumped up the bandwidth to a 1TB/month..?
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    That was a mistype, this was part of the rumor that .Mac would offer more media capabilities, which turned out not to be true
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    mad jew

    I'm new to .Mac. Do we get a warning before exceeding our bandwidth? What happens once it has been exceeded? :)
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    I'm unsure of what happens when you exceed, but you get a warning before you exceed (from .Mac blog). What they probably do is put up a page that says your pages are currently unavailable, and then you'll be fine when the two week interval is up (since they do bandwidth in two week intervals). When that is is anyone's guess.
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    Another host with 200GB* + is Omega Web Hosting
    Good prices great bandwith :)

    *Edited sorry for the typo :)
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    Just checked up on my .Mac Account and it seems as if there is the option to upgrade both your iDisk Storage and your Bandwidth

    Searched MR and haven't seem anyone else talking about this

    Check out the pic below:


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