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How much could I get for an iMac G3 on eBay?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mrsir2009, Oct 7, 2009.

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    How much could I get for an iMac G3 on eBay? It works pretty well, I'm not sure of the specs... It has OS9 and OSX3 installed on it. Has no faults... How much could I get for it on eBay?

    Oh and how much would I get for a 100% working, good condition Mac Classic?

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    Seriously, iMac G3s are given for free, so with good luck you may get 20$ from it. If there's anyone in your family that would like to have it, give it to him/her instead
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    iPhone 62S

    They seem to go for anything between £2-£25 (from a quick completed listings search).
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    I remember learning how to use a computer and type on those things in school...
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    it pretty much depends on the colour , and spec
    the rarest achieve the highest prices (excludes the blue dalmatians and flower power models for what reason eve they had not been popular then and aren`t now )
    the 700mhz models get top prices especially the graphite 700mhz model
    as they rarely appear on the market and as they are still really good usable machines

    also you can get far more if you include the original keyboard,mouse and original install discs plus some apps discs can bring a price boost , the more original the higher the price if you have the original box even further , as collectors like everything like it came from apple
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    those take me back... They had them at my school from Kindergarten- 2nd grade. Of course I had no idea about computers back then :)
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    actually i saw one on ebay for $40 today which I thought was insane especially after the $50 shipping. Pretty sure it was a pink 333mhz
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