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How much is style worth?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I'd probably be willing to pay a higher premium for an Apple laptop vs a Dell OS X laptop than the same comparison for a tower. In other words, the premium for style in a laptop is worth more, maybe $150-200 for a laptop, and about $100 for a tower.

    However, that division might be erased if Apple sticks to its annoyingly limited and small keyboards found in PBs and iBs. Every day comfort of my fingers and 'normal' use of the function keys counts as high as style.

    The premium comparison of an all-in-one iMac vs a Dell OS X tower, or an entry level Mac Mini vs an entry level Dell OS X tower is an interesting question I can't really answer.
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    People buy Macs for the OS. If I could build my own Mac with a fully functional OS, I would in a heartbeat. My iMac is noce though. :D
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    This is a very interesting question.

    Before I bought my PowerMac, I never bought a brand-name computer. All my systems were home-built from parts purchased at local computer shows.

    If Apple ever licenses OS X for use on generic PC's, I'd probably go back to that. As much as I like Apple's case designs, there are a quite a lot of good looking PC cases available from other vendors as well. (And no, none of the cases made by name-brand computer vendors are on that list.)

    I happen to think my Windows PC (a Shuttle XPC SN85G4 system) looks great, and does not look like a generic/cheap PC, even if it isn't Apple-like. I could easily see myself running Mac OS on anything built around one of these XPC systems.

    Of course, there is no service/support when you build your own system. On the other hand, I don't need any support for the systems I build.
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    I'm sure most of us on this forum would pay the premium for genuine apple. We're mac enthusiasts, after all. But how many times have you heard a friend say "I really want a mac, but they're so (bleep)ing expensive!"
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    I'm addicted to Apple's design. I love my sleek, small, and light iMac.
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    What's the point of such a ridiculous hypothetical question? OS X will not be licensed out to Dell, HP, or anyone. Apple makes the most of their money from their hardware, and they wouldn't gamble that to make inferior machines in order to earn market share.
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    Sun Baked

    Of course the high school idiots just learning to drive might say the same thing about a 200MPH Bentley GT Coupe.

    Of course offering those things to kids for $12,000 would certainly be a Darwinian moment.


    Apple has no reason at the moment to give computers and their profits away, they are a premium computer company.

    However if they do want to sell more computers to schools and business, they will have to introduce a low-end brand to compete with Dell.

    Doesn't mean the PowerBooks, iMacs, and PowerMacs will need to compete with Dells $399 offerings.
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    I agree. Having never set up my own computers, I didn't fully appreciate the ease of Macs (especially my all-in-one iMac) until just yesterday when I was setting up a free Windows box my boyfriend's family gave me. Whooo wee, it was such a chore to figure out how to get all those short power cords to reach the outlet, messy, ugly, etc.

    I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I probably would pay a premium in the future for a better design/style. :eek:
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    Computers and iPod's were (bleeping) expensive until I got a job. I can't afford to buy a new one every revision though. I'll stick with my Rev. B iMac G5 and iPod Mini for awhile. The iPod maybe a bit less...
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    Yeah, my old PC used to be a horrible nest of cables. It was such a pain to setup each time. I like my new wireless Appl Keyboard. Now if I could only find a bluetooth multi-button mouse to go along with it. :(
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    OT alert

    Psst... Logitech MX900... ;) If it doesn't have to be BT, a lost of people swear by Logitech's MX1000 which is USB, but also cordless and multi button.
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    Hmm...$85. Sounds like a Christmas gift.
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    I second the Logitech MX900, it's the best mouse I've ever used.
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    Go get a surge suppressor.
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    I heard that line yesterday afternoon as someone was speaking about the price of PowerBooks. They have dropped a bit lately, but still have a price tag that deters many from taking the plunge.

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