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How much is this worth?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by applemacdude, Jan 19, 2004.

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    All I have is this cd. nothing else, it just came out of nowhere...

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    I am pretty sure there is a free copy of it available on the web.....is there anything special about the "developers copy" you have?
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    No I have no idea...im thinking of puttin it on my beige g3...i think ill research it some more...
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    I don't remember where I saw it on the web for free...maybe the developer edition is like a 1.x release.
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    I think the free version was only for the PC. Install it, see what happens and share with us.
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    If I remember correctly, you need something called a BeBox to run BeOS on a Mac.
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    As I recall, the Developer's Prerelease requires a PCI bus PowerMac, not a NuBus one. I think it should work on the Beige G3.

    This was the first attempt by Be's people to get away from their proprietary hardware (the Be Box) when they realized that wouldn't fly. Altho your disk is labeled "Developer's Prerelease", and I have a similar disk labelled "MacWorld Edition", I don't think they ever released the final version. There was a version for the PC much later; it didn't sell well. Eventually, Palm bought Be and stopped selling anything.

    Be OS has some interesting concepts. It was a ground-up design all written in C++ with fairly tightly integrated classes. For this reason, it gets very snappy performance. However, a program written for Be will work there and nowhere else.
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    Les Kern

    A buck two ninety eight.
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    i *think* bebox was the part of Rhapsody that gave compatibility to Be applications... i could be wrong tho, as i have no experience or knowledge of either Be or Rhapsody :)

  11. jsw
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    Check out http://www.bebox.nu/history.php.

    The BeBox is an actual computer (I own one of each of the two models produced).

    Too bad they failed. It was cool stuff.

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