How much of the 64GB SSD have you used including OS?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Mikebuzzsaw, Feb 12, 2008.


How much space have you used out of the 55GB available on the 64GB SSD?

  1. 1gb-10gb

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  2. 11gb-20gb

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  3. 21gb-30gb

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  4. 31gb-40gb

    2 vote(s)
  5. 41gb-55gb

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    Do we really need anymore than 64GB? I barely broke the half point mark (31gb/55gb)... and this is including the OS. However, I have been more careful with the management of my space. I don't delete anything on my imac....
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    After performing the steps in my sticky thread and then installing updates, Office 2008, and a few other small utilities, and then letting Entourage cache all 600+ MB of mail from my Exchange Server and copying over some photos and such, I am down to around 41 GB free. My music (35 GB) and movies (27 GB) are ALL stored on my Mac Pro and accessed wirelessly through Apple File Sharing, so I don't have to eat up my disk space with media files.

    I still need to install Macromedia Studio 8 and whatever image-editing software I get. That'll use up a few more GB of space. Should have way more than I need left over to copy over all of the files I use to design and manage web sites.

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