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iPad mini How much to fix cracked iPad mini screen?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by pjny, Nov 12, 2012.

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    I just dropped my ipad mini onto linoleum 4 days after getting it and the screen is cracked. The smartcover separated while I was reading in bed and it took about a 1 foot tumble.

    I've never cracked any iphone(since 2008) or ipad(since 2010) screen. I always keep them in tough iphone/ipad cases.

    How much will Apple ask to fix it or replace? I didn't get Applecare+. Do you think Apple will cut me a break?

    One thing's for sure: I am returning the smartcover. The ipad 1 cover was rock solid and did not just slip off because of a weak magnetic bond.

    I had some near misses when the smartcover separated from the mini especially when folded up in a triangle so I could watch CNN on my desk with it.
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    I've heard many cases where Apple will allow you to take in the broken iPad, they charge you for AppleCare+ and burn your first $49... So, $148 plus local taxes. I don't know what the OOW replacement cost on the minis is at the moment.
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    I"ve heard this as well.

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    Not always.

    "Out-of-Warranty Service
    If you own an iPad that is ineligible for warranty service but is eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) Service, Apple will replace your iPad with an iPad that is new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability for the Out-of-Warranty Service fee listed below.

    iPad model Out-of-Warranty Service Fee
    iPad mini $219
    iPad 3rd, 4th generation $299
    iPad 2, iPad $249"
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    My Smart Cover works just fine. I used it as a stand to watch movies and it has never slipped off. I was surprised by how strong the magnet was.
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    Thank you, just signed both my mini LTE's up for Worth Ave insurance because of this post.
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    Never purchased the first bit of extra warranty or apple care + on any device I have got from Apple. Never dropped and damaged a device. I feel like the money I saved would now buy one if I dropped now. No one device has quite working
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    Excellent decision. For minimal cost, it sure provides great coverage on everything from damage to theft. I've got it for my iPad 2, iPod Touch 5, and will buy it for the mini on order.
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    If you used a credit card like American Express or Visa Signature, they provide 90 days of accidental damage and an extra year to the manufacture warranty.
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    plus one on this, discover does this as well, I had this happen with my iphone 5 and they covered it.

    - make sure you take pictures.
    - keep your reciept!
    - i had the item replaced first then was reimbursed
    - they generally reimburse for the lesser amount be it original cost or repair cost.

    took less than 7 days for a check to appear.
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    I would take it to the Apple store ASAP. I have heard they are more lenient with exchanges when a new product comes out.

    Just be honest with them, tell them you dropped it and it broke. Tell them you "know" they can't just exchange it, but see what they can do.

    You may get lucky...
  12. pjny, Nov 17, 2012
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    Here's my long and windy road to a replacement ipad mini. I've been an apple customer since 2000 and currently have in my home 2 iphone 4s, 1 iphone 4, 2 macbook pro 13", 1 ipad, 1 mini, and about 5 ipods. also have about $1000 in accessories docks/chargers/battery cases/battery packs etc.

    I have to say I've heard great things about Apple store employees using discretion to help out. Heck, I was even next to a woman with an white macbook and they said something like "this is a one time" replacement and they swapped out her mac for a newer one. But I've never received any sort of discretionary help since the iphone was introduced.

    I stopped getting applecare for my iphone/idevices after i went in with my iphone 3g 20 months after purchase(with applecare) for failing battery(not holding charge) after calling apple over the phone to diagnose the problem. they told me to backup and reset it before going in to replace. when i get there i spent 30 min as "genius" looked at the phone and then gave me crap about how i reset it and they need the phone to be turned on for 3 days so they can monitor the battery for usage. anyway, he told me to come back in 3 days. i went to a manager and explained the situation and how even apple states 500 charges or 18 months before battery starts losing charge. anyway, they grudgingly gave me a 3g replacement.

    back to the mini. i had called apple store to ask if they repaired but they wouldn't tell me. so i went down and genius told me i would have to pay $220+ tax and they would swap out the mini. he said they don't and may never do in house repairs for cracked screens. genius was not very helpful as is my experience in nyc.

    i almost bit the bullet but figured I could keep the ipad mini, get another mini, and only spend $110 more total($350+$240 vs. $350+$350). heck, for $220 more I could even get applecare+ with the new mini. so not a great deal.

    so i went to a family manager and asked if he could help in anyway. after some research he said he could add applecare+ and that i could come in a few days later and pay $50 to get it replaced.

    i was out of town in the south and went in for my appointment and was greeted by an older gentleman who looked like a grizzled ex-surfer. very cool guy and in minutes he brought out a mini to replace the broken one.

    to top it off: his co-worker also said damage was caused by "stress factor" so i didn't even have to pay $50 and it didn't count as one of the 2 replacements.

    Amazing difference between this and the 5th avenue store in manhattan. no attitude. no confrontation. very refreshing.
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    1st, I am a bit surprised that they didn't look at the failure of the Smart Cover as a reason to exchange. I would have used that point and pushed for a new unit. I am not saying it would have been successful, but if politely discussed it might have worked.

    2nd, I would suggest that you speak to your insurance agent if you own a home. I have a rider on my home owners policy that costs approximately $60/year. It covers all of my "computers"...including my household iPads and iPhones.

    In fact, I recently emailed with my agent about iPhone coverage and he confirmed in writing. Mi subsequently cancelled my Verizon insurance on 3 iPhones $10/mo per phone, so $360/yr savings).

    The deductible on the computer policy is only $50. The Verzon deductible is $180 on an iPhone!
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    The 5th Ave. Apple Store gave me crap about how they couldn't return my iPad mini replacement (not a refurb/new) because it was considered a "part" and not in their stock, even though I was still within my 14 day grace period. The original person who swapped out my first iPad mini (defective) said it was NEW and not a refurb, even though it came in a brown box, so I thought I could happily return it as long as I didn't go past my grace period, but NOPE.

    But I did not accept "NO" from them. I argued and argued until the guys at 5th Ave. finally budged and gave in. Apple needs be more clear about returns, especially for NEW items that come in brown boxes but is considered a "part."
  15. pjny, Nov 24, 2012
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    Lesson learned: avoid 5th Avenue store.

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    They're New Yorkers, they give out what they get. :D
  17. pjny, Nov 24, 2012
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    They are nicest when they are selling you stuff. Different when you are trying to have something fixed or repaired. I make sure I am very polite and do NOT YELL :)

    Definitely requires being assertive and standing your ground.

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    Honestly, what does this have anything to do with it? That's some BS judgmental thought IMO.

    Also, there's an Apple Store on Prince that I usually go to that has some of the nicest reps that I've dealt with, who are very accommodating.

    My advice: there's around 4-5 more stores in Manhattan alone. Don't go to the Fifth Avenue one then.
  19. pjny, Nov 24, 2012
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    Glad it's over.
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    I usually go to the Apple Store on the Upper West Side. The 5th Ave. store was my only option at the time as it's open 24 hrs. and I wanted to return my "New / Parts" iPad mini ASAP.

    And while the Buddy Holly glasses comment was funny when I read it, it's not true. You shouldn't generalize.
  21. Byt
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    Plase, need more details for ipad mini broken screen

    Hello Pjny,

    I am having the same problem with my mini. My girlfriend was taking pictures and she though the smart cover was strong but as she hold it and let go of the ipad mini, the mini fell on the floor and the screen is now broken. I went down to the apple store on 5th ave yesterday and they are charging me $219 for a swap as I didn't purchase applecare+. I didn't feel good about the deal and decided to look online for help. I am lucky I found this forum. Can you please give me more details on where to go? First, I am a new apple products user and don't know what's a Family Manager. I would be glad to pay for apple care and get my ipad replaced. My girlfriend is sick because of this situation as she feels guilty. She will be glad to hear that there is a possibility to fix the issue. Thank you in advance for your help!
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    pjny didn't do anything special, he just got assistance from a family member who happens to work at an Apple store. He's in a lucky situation.

    Unless you have a family member working for Apple who is willing to stick their neck out for you and help, I suggest you take responsibility and pay the $219. Your girlfriend's carelessness caused the accident with the iPad mini. Apple owes you nothing.
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    An Apple employee who greets customers told me to go the genius bar to speak to a "family manager". Not sure what that meant. I have no family members who work at Apple. The "family manager" was a nice guy and helped out.

    BTW, the smart cover disengages too easily from the ipad. very dangerous.

    Others also complaining at:



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    Old thread, signed up today, one post that promotes a website/service... have to wonder?

    BTW, OOW service fee for an iPad mini is $219, doesn't matter the capacity.
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    Of course they will. They will let you buy the swap at part cost which will be like $199 and give you a chance to buy Apple Care + for the new unit.

    Which is a nice little discount over the other choice which is to trash that one and buy a full retail. Which is what most companies would do for a broken item


    That period of time is only like the first 2-3 weeks after the product launches and is generally only for borderline defects like you feel like the screen is too warm etc.

    Damage never generally falls under that guide and they don't do 'one time on us' damage swaps now that they over AppleCare+

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