How much were the 2008 Macbook Airs?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by yanksrock100, Mar 19, 2011.

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    What was the low-end, high-end, and so on.
    Im just curious about it, all I remember is that it was kinda high priced. lol
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    $3099 for the original 64GB SSD when introduced in early 2008.

    The Late 2008 MBA with Nvidia 9400m, 1.86GHz C2D, and 128GB SSD was $2499.

    The Mid 2009 just bumped the CPU to 2.13GHz with all else the same but dropped price to $1799.

    The MBAs have held their value the worst over time. Each model bump has brought big price drops rather than big changes in chips. The newest MBA ultimate for $1799 is a bargain considering what people paid for prior versions.
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    I think the late 2010 models will hold their value better than the first two revisions. The price point seems to be at a comfortable place in the lineup, and unless a major overhaul or processor/feature bump happens, we should see that remain the same.
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    The thing is that SSDs are getting cheaper and cheaper. After all, that is the main reason why especially high-end MBAs were so expensive. You paid up to 999$ for the 64GB SSD back in 2008 while nowadays an SSD like that goes for less than 100$. In a few years, 128GB or 256GB SSD will cost pennies compared to what they cost now.

    For example, if base 13" MBA got 256GB SSD in 2012 and price was kept at 1299$, people wouldn't be ready to pay much more than 1000$ for the 2010 ultimate the since new one would have better CPU, GPU and possibly Thunderbolt and more RAM etc. We would be looking at ~800$ (~45%) loss in value.

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