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How much will iOS 7 change from beta 1 to public release?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by digitalove, Jun 13, 2013.

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    How much iOS 6 has changed from the presentation to the final version?
    Based on this can you tell me how expect iOS 7 to change?

    (Obviously it will fix the bugs and improve the stability but the question is related to the design, features and so on..)
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    Hopefully a lot. iOS 7 is great, but it needs a bit of fine turning.

    iOS 6 changed a lot from first beta to final release. For a start, YouTube was removed towards the end of the beta period :p
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    Im still pondering if this is a joke thread !

    How are we going to know how iOS7 will mature through the different beta's thats upcoming.
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    The 6 betas are irrelevant because they used the stablished visual style. No on e knows how much iOS7 will change including Apple because they haven't decided how much they will change it.
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    ios 7 is a much different update than ios 6. I think we can expect a lot of changes as they figure out what UI changes work.
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    This much.
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    As it is now.

    Under the hood?

    That's why it's late, but I'd guess we will see further tweaks to the options / general screens.
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    I'm thinking approximately 5.4 units of change.
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    I was told that Ive does no less then 7.1 units of change. ;)
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    It'll change however much it changes.

    At the end of the day, we have a massive redesign on beta 1. Other releases gained a lot of polish as we ran through the betas and I suspect iOS7 will be no different.
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    But the sources that spoke to the site seem to say that changes will be taking place because of who designed the icons in the first place. It says everything is still a work in progress.
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    Hard to say given that iOS 7 is a complete re-work of iOS
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    Every year, tons of people say "don't worry, it's beta... it will be different when it's released!"

    But guess what? It's not.

    Beta does not mean redesign. Beta means fix the bugs.

    iOS 7 public release will look nearly identical to what we have now, but be more stable and have all of the bugs/quirks ironed out.

    For people expecting "better icons" or another graphical overhaul... Get ready to be disappointed.

    This is iOS 7, and it's awesome.
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    I agree that there will be changes, there are many things that bother me about the new OS, but the exact amount is unknown. We don't even know if their sources are credible. There have been a ton of incorrect analysts' predictions that were made because they had "sources that were close to Apple".
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    maybe a few icons will change, the common features added back (weather in notification center, tap to tweet, etc...) and a few more "secret" features. Secret as in most people that don't go on the internet a lot will have no clue it existed.
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    i dont think it'd change alot, just some tweaks here and there and it's done (maybe some new special sound effects). but i'd say that apple should improve the icons.
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    I think it'd be fair to say that while that is generally the case, in cases where there's a large redesign (especially when it's both visual and below the hood, so to say), this might not really apply to the same degree.

    This is the first iOS where it's essentially been almost completely redesigned in many respects, so things could very well change more than usual between betas and especially between the first public preview (beta 1) and the final release.

    That said, no one really knows one way or another for sure, so all we can really do is wait and see.
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    1.21 Gigawatts
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    Great Scott!!
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    Let me ask Tim Cook and I will get right back to you
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