How much will it cost to get my iPod fixed?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Kimi, Mar 3, 2006.

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    I bought my iPod from Apple last year (start of January). I didn't buy any extra cover like AppleCare of anything with it. It's a 4G 20GB (not photo).

    My problem is that when I try and do anything it doesn't work. I re-installed the software and tried to load my music back onto it, but it slowly does about three track (I'm talking 5-10 mins here) and then it crashes, iTunes crashes too then my how computer (I'm using an iMac G5). I then take the iPod out the dock and the computer then works again, just telling me that I've removed a drive and stuff.

    My iPod then sounds like it's trying to read the harddisk, but, well I don't know. I'm trying to see if I can getting working by using my windows box.

    I looked on Apples site but couldn't work out if I'm still covered by anything. It say 12 month and 24 month, but I got confussed by it. I'm in the UK.

    Please help.
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    The only thing I can help out with, sorry. :eek:

    Go here on apple's support site, linky, scroll down a bit and you'll see a box on the right hand side; enter in your iPod's serial number and it'll will tell you whether or not it's still covered by AppleCare.

    Also, it might help someone more knowledgable than I, to know what version of iTunes you're running on, and what OS you're using.
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    It says it isn't coverd :( Now I guess an email to apple will tell me how much it'll cost... bugger...
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    The answer can be found on one of Apple's numerous iPod related sites: too much! I'll post the link here, as well as a screenshot for the price estimates.

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    I saw that, but it was in US$, I'm in the UK. I think that would be about £140-£170. not worth it at all :mad:

    Looks like I'm going to be buying a Sony HDD MP3 quicker than I expected...

    EDIT: It's £166.29, found it on the UK site. I can get me a Sony for that much...
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    actually sounds like an issue between the software & iTunes, I would actually try a new user, or reinstall software on the computer also before giving up. It could be some kind of funny bus issue, where software covers connections and iTunes is freaking it out.
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    I've tried that. Didn't do anything, I've also tried on my Windows machine.

    Googleing about I found that many people have this problem. It now keeps showing a folder with and '!' on it. I've tried everything, but it seems that most people were able to send it back and get it replaced.

    I'm really pissed with this, and on top of it I'm going to have to replace it with another iPod as the Sony doesn't work on Macs :mad:
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    ok, are you using firewire or USB to connect?
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    I've tried both. On both machines. I'm 100% that the HDD is dead.

    Anyone know what Apple would ship me if I sent it to them to fix? They say it'll be a replacment, but with what? My iPod has been OOP for ages now.
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    Apple would send you a refurb that matches your current iPod if that's the route you decide to take (sans any special engraving of course). Try one of the iPod repair shops, you send it in, and get it back within a few days or so. You could even upgrade the HD, however, it may be the controller card, not the HD, expect to spend about $100 from some place like iPod Mechanic.
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    I'll take a look at that place. Might be worth sending it in.
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    #12 worked well for me. This guy is good. Prices much cheaper than apple. Do not use apple for out of warranty iPods.
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    The prices are iPodmechanic a lot cheeper (£84 vs £146). It's still a lot of money though.
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    it happened to a friend of mine - he gave it to me to fix for less than the apple cost - i picked up a new drive from eBay, installed it, sorted, fixed, for about £110.

    that was a 40Gb one.

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    Right, I've thought about it. I'm going to post it off the iPod Mechanics and get it fixed. It's cheeper than buying a new one (I don't need video or anything) and I'm rather attached to the machine. It's the first expensive thing I've ever bought, and I'm not want thing to loose it quite yet :). I might get the HDD up graded too, depends on the cost.

    Thanks guys, you've been a great help :)
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    I've had the same problem, give your ipod sharp knock on a hard surface then go disk utility erase and zero all data. update so on so fourth!
    See how you get on with that! GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Yeah... good luck. Good idea about the 'ipod mechanic' over the banging of ipod on hard surface.
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    Before you shell out $250 on a refurbished replacement iPod, check the refurb section of I have seen sometimes the same iPod, for $199 and free shipping.

    There replacement iPod plan is a scam.
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    I recently sent my 3G iPod w/ a broken 15GB hard drive to ipodmechanic. It'll cost $110.00 to fix it and they'll throw in a new battery. Still debating whether it's worth getting fixed.
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    iPod Mechanic Warning

    If you're tempted to use iPod Mechanic to repair your iPod, dont!

    A friend sent her iPod in and it took weeks, they did not respond to emails and her iPod arrived without notice, still broken, and her credit card charged $177 for a hard drive.

    Emails to them now get this reponse...

    "Due to an overwhelming response to some of our new services and extra attention in a magazine article, iPod Mechanic is swamped!!!"

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    just fyi (sorry if it's obvious and it's already been done):

    she can certainly dispute the charge with her credit card company and get the money back. capital one has an online way to do it, though i'd say calling is the best bet. if a company charged her for something she didn't get, she has every right to get the money back.
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    I've now used twice for a new battery and a headphone jack. No problems whatsoever, great and fast service.
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    I got a dilemma myself. My brother's ipod (4g 40GB) had some harddrive malfunctions/battery messup. We sent it in (60+6.95) and got it back within abou a week. After 2 and a half months, it's having the same exact problem. Sad iPod icon, skip songs, won't listen to what my finger says, etc. Can I complain to them for a free repair? I mean, I thought it was at least backed up for 3 months, but 2.5 is just ridiculous. Especially the price I had to pay!

    What should I do? Email them? Make it my door stop? I'm not hoping for the latter..
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    Definitely sounds like a bad hard drive. A new one on eBay goes for about $100USD plus shipping. It is really easy to install if youre patient and have steady hands. I personally recommend a guitar pick to open up an iPod.

    Good luck, if you need instructions on replacing the drive, feel free to PM me.
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    15 gig 3G ipod repair for 110 bucks?! uh... no. i'd just get an ipod video.

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