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How much would this be worth? (PS3 + Extras)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by zeppelin68, Jun 6, 2008.

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    I was thinking about selling my PS3 but i'm not really sure how much its worth

    60gb PS3
    HDMI cable
    3 controllers
    5 games
    1 blu-ray movie

    Thanks guys
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    interested in what games and the movie if willing to part
    also any ds3 controllers?
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    Depending on the titles you have i'd say somewhere between $475-$550.
    60GB- 350
    2 extra controllers - 60
    hdmi cable - 15
    5 games - ?? anywhere from 50 - 200
    BD Movie - $15

    Separate total $490-$640 (again depending on what titles you have)
    As a package expect 475-550
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    Just for reference; I just bought a PS3 bundle off my local craigslist for $480. The package included: a 40gig PS3, 2 controllers, 5 games (COD4, GTA:IV, Rainbow Six:1, Rainbow Six:2, Tony Hawk), Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray, and a wireless bluetooth headset.

    I would say you could get around $550 for your package depending on the quality of the games included.
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    alright cool thanks for the help It might be on ebay soon haha
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    The 60 gigger is going for top dollar. I sold mine with an additional controller and one movie for $568 a few weeks ago at Amazon.com. :D
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    i'm interested, pm me if you still looking to sell

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