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HOW MUCH would you pay for a new 2G nano 8GB?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by RMcolder, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I know it may be tabboo to admit, but I don't really like the new 3g nanos. I found it amusing that a user here nicknamed it based on its size the "ipod dumpy." I am wavering into investing in an 8GB 2G nano (preferably red). Looking on eBay, prices for this nano are >$200, but I can't really justify spending that much, given the price of a 3G that has video/picture capabilities as well as a longer battery life.

    So I am wondering if I could poll this forum - How much would you spend on a brand new 2G 8GB nano? Thanks.
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    I traded in my old 2G iPod nano for a 3G iPod nano (8 GB blue case) at the Apple Store and got a 10% discount for the new one. :D
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    Chupa Chupa

    You can get a refub at the apple online store for $169. Free shipping and one year warranty. That is the only way to go IMHO if you can't get a discount on a new one at a BM Apple store.
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    and how did you pull that off?
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    So you basically sold your old 2G iPod Nano for $20...smart :rolleyes:

    Apple's iPod recycling program...which is actually kind of a ripoff for most people unless you're trading in a busted iPod. For example, the dude who traded his nano in for a 10% discount on a $200 iPod could have sold that iPod nano for $50-100...but I guess it isn't worth the time for most people.
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    oh ok, I gotcha. Well I'm sure not gonna do that
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    Actually, I was going to replace my 2G nano anyway--it was freezing up occasionally (even after going through a Reset and/or Restore) and the battery life was dropping from 22-23 hours per charge to only 14 hours per charge. I'd rather do it now than suffer a total player failure! :)
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    Still coulda gotten at least $75 for it.
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    Agreed. Sell it on ebay.

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