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How much would you pay for an iPad case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by agkm800, Jan 26, 2010.

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    By the sounds of it, the tablets going to be pretty big so a good case is going to cost quite a bit.

    Around £30 ($50) if I actually do buy the tablet.
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    My Incase neoprene sleeve for my MBP cost $40, so I would say something like that for a 10" tablet should be around $30.
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    As much as Twelve South charges.
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    Depends if my grandma can knit me one before she dies.
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    Tablet fever is running at an all time high!
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    Seems to me that it would have to come with something in the box. It's gonna take like 1 day before someone is posting pictures of their 10" busted glass screen without some sort of cover of sleeve!
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    Basic rubber type case $30 to 40 bucks. Show me a slider type or more of a hardcase or leather case with a possible "kickstand" for watching video. I'd pay in the 50 to 100 range depending on the build quality of the case.

    I paid $70 for the Incase Slider w/battery for my iPhone and while it's a bit bulky for my taste is great case that does it's job well. The cases that prove to add functionality such as battery capacity, stand or whatever will likely bring a higher price than the basic cases just like the ones for the iPhone.
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    I'd pay 50 dollars for a nice standard leather case, like the leather Amazon Kindle case. What I really want would be an orange leather Hermes case with a chrome H logo on it, which would probably cost around $1,000 USD. Too bad they will most likely never make one.

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