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How often do you REBOOT?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Kelped, Nov 19, 2011.

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    How often do you reboot your MBA? Why?
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    My wife, never. Me all the time. Why? Because I'm constantly switching between Windows 7 and Lion.
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    only when I turn it off as I'm planning to leave for more than a week...
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    I always shut down because it boots up so quickly. Is it better just to close the laptop? I mean it only takes 10 seconds to boot up OS X.
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    yes...just close it...lot less stress on unit than boot up...
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    Only when a restart is required by a software update. It's been 34 days and counting for me.
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    It's a good idea to periodically restart your Mac; this frees up RAM, purges virtual-memory swap files, and regenerates some cache files. Alternatively, simply shut down at night or when you know you won't be using your Mac for a while--an approach that conserves energy, too. (You can even use OS X's Energy Saver preference pane to schedule automatic shutdowns and startups.)
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    Mine gets shutdown every night ... no real need to keep it running at night.

    The sleep mode versus a restart on a macbook pro is not a significant difference since the latest macbook pro's restart so quickly.
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    Every few days, frees up RAM.
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    At the moment every time I forget to wake from sleep with the power plug OUT. If it is in when I wake from sleep the processor temp goes through the roof.

    But normally I just put it to sleep and only reboot when I install something that needs it.
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    Only after an upgrade that asks for it.
    Huge battery life when sleeping makes reboot unnecessary.
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    I never turn it off, just put it in sleep mode
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    Only for upgrades. Or on the rare occasion that a program is freaking out.
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    I shutdown every night no need to keep it on iff i aint using it and startup takes about ten seconds anyway
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    I only reboot when necessary... and I only shut down when my Air won't be in use for like four hours or more, so I shut it down every night.. and that's also because I leave it in the sleeve for the night, and apparently, it's better to shut it down if it will be in a sleeve for any considerable length of time. :D
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    I usually only reboot when updates require them. But I try to remember to do a reboot occasionally if there hasn't been a system update in a few weeks.
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    Why? Are you worried that the laptop will wake up from sleep mode and overheat while in the sleeve?

    Is it common for MBAs to wake up from sleep mode on their own?
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    Air gets turned off nightly, when not in use.
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    Shut mine off every night. Saves drain on the battery. I think it drains about 1% per hour on standby.
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    I would say so too. 1% in 1 hour is like, 100% / 24 hrs. = 4.16 days. Hmm standby 30 days does not work for me now... Probably a bug, I have the feeling it got worse after an update but not sure which (10.7.2 or EFI)
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    I've just read about it overheating when in a sleeve and in sleep mode, so I just shut it down to be safe. People make way too big a deal over these things. My MBA takes less than 10 seconds to shut down and start back up, so it's just as easy.
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    I always keep mine in sleep mode and in a sleeve. It's never been warm at all. I guess if it doesn't completely sleep that could happen.
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    1.5 times a day
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    Close to never unless i need updates
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    About once every week.

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