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How similar are the 12" 867 powerbook to the 15" 867powerbook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by junkionxl, Mar 15, 2003.

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    Between these two great products what should i buy? I hear so much praise of the 12" Powerbook and nothing really from the 15". One thing I am not sure about is that does the 12" Powerbook have a L2 cache like the 15"?
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    The reason u don't hear much about the 867Mhz 15" is because everyone is waiting for it to become a AlBook, which means DDR, Bluetooth etc. The current 15" TiBook is now outdated compaired to the 12" & 17" AlBooks.
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    wow thats pretty sad that you think the 15" Tibook is "outdated".

    as for the original post, i think your thinking of L3 cache, and no, the 12" doesnt have this, but the 15" does. i cant give you specifics on either since i dont own either, but im sure theres got to be a thread on performance differences on MR somewhere...
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    I think you know exactly what I mean. With the introduction of the 12" & 17" models with improved bus, bluetooth and so on, the 15" is just begging for an update to keep in-line with the rest of the PowerBook line.
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    The same questions again...

    What are you gonna do with it?

    For me the best deal is having a full loaded 12" with a 17" LCD for home or office.
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    Re: The same questions again...

    Unfortuneately, you have to get a third party VGA LCD, as the Apple LCDs are not supported by the 12 inch
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    I think if the 12" had a DVI connector, my decision would be easy. I think the 12" is perfect for mobile use, but lacking for iMovie work. I'd do the iMovie and iDVD stuff at home on a bigger display, but I'm concerned about getting the best quality by going through VGA. So the 15" looks like a better choice, but it's one rev behind the 12" and starts to get a little bigger...

    I might run down to the Apple store to see the 12" hooked up to the display and see how it works. Maybe I will think the display looks great even through VGA.
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    The 15in powerbook is 10 frames per second faster at Quake 3 than the 12in at the 867Mhz. So if it is games or screen size you want go for the 15in, otherwise get the 12in.
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    Because of L3 Cache that 15" PowerBook 867 has, it does have some advantage in terms of performance. It also comes with sharper and larger screen. But 12" PowerBook 867 can be equipped with SuperDrive at much less price than 15" PowerBook 867. And it is much more durable and portable.

    I say if you are concerned with performance, go with 15" PowerBook 867. Otherwise, go with 12" PowerBook 867. It will give you more bang for the buck.
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    Thanks for the adivce everyone…the main things i would be doing on either of these machines will be just surfing the net, using microsoft word, sum illustrator and page make and a heavy amount of emulation for like mobile purposes. After that whole thing tho ati released about the upgradeable mobile graphics card i am looking at the 15 1 ghz. From what I hear the ati 9000 is able to be upgraded. i hear too that the ati 9000 cards are more efficent than the 420 nvida cards in the powerbook. the sad part is that i have looked at both at CompUSA and and played with both and its just soo hard to find out which one i want cuz i just love both of them…apple makes my life a very cruel world.

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