How some of us got an AT&T Galaxy Note for $199.99 or less.

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    There's a thread about a lot of folks from XDA being able to get the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 for less than the listed $299.99. I got mine for $153 after discount & credit on next bill.

    It took patience, I had to make over 6 calls to an AT&T CS Rep. I was kind & thoughtful when speaking to all of them. I kept getting turned down or them saying there is no such deal but I kept on trying until I got lucky with the 6th call.

    David is his name & was kind enough to give me the deal of $270 ($29.99 discount) & a credit of $117 on my next bill with free next day air shipping from UPS.

    There are other people that were able to get even lower price than I did but basically they had to do the same. Be nice when calling & keep on calling until you get the right CS Rep that will give you the pricing you want.

    GL if you decide to go this route & it's so much worth. As a previous owner of the GSII, III & Original Note. This is so much better.

    Best part if that you can go into the Development Forums of XDA to start rooting & modding your phone already. Multi-View is pretty sweet.
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    Dec 30, 2009
    I have a Galaxy SIII with no upgrade do you think I would have any luck trying this?
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    If you just upgraded earlier this year, you could try but the odds are against you. I've seen AT&T allow early upgrades a couple months early and even up to a year early but they've been customers for over 10 years.

    All it takes is just one nice rep though..
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    Aug 24, 2012
    After purchasing through Best Buy and having their insurance and buy back, I'm sold on going through BB. No deductible replacements and I can trade in my Note 1 to get credit towards a note 2
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    I've read on the XDA forums that even if you purchased your Note II through AT&T, you can still go to Best Buy to get it insured.
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    Got my Note 2 for $199 from AT&T.

    Only tried calling once.

    I guess if I tried 6 times, I might be able to get it for $100 or $50. Haha..

    I don't qualify for an upgrade till May 2013. They won't let me upgrade to an iPhone 5 right now. Said they'll let me upgrade to Android phones.
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    Aug 24, 2012
    Now if this is true, I'll be all over this.

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