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How strong is a PowerMac G5 casing? According to a shipper, not very.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by timswim78, Aug 30, 2007.

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    So, I shipped a PowerMac G5 from Baltimore, MD to someone in Florida. I carefully packed it. The tops and bottoms were supported by the dense foam blocks that computers are shipped with. The computer was wrapped in bubble wrap, and the box was tightly packed with peanuts.

    The computer arrived in FL completely mangled. I filed a claim with the shipping company (who shall remain nameless for now). After losing the package twice and resending it to the receiver in Florida, their claims department got a hold of it. They denied the claim for "insufficient packaging," which is bologna.

    I got the computer back today, and posted some pictures (link below). Even if the computer had been improperly packed (I believe that it was properly packed), I do not see anyway that normal shipping could have caused such extensive damage.

    You can see the before pictures here:

    Here are the pictures when I received the product back at my house today:
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    That's definitely some nasty drop damage.
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    damn. I think the truck driver played futball with that thing. You'd have to purposely do that.
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    Looks like something way way too heavy was placed ontop of it.

    That's stupidly damaged...
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    I've been trying to find out what type/gauge/strength of steel fearless leader has pointed out that Apple uses Aluminum, not steelApple used in the PowerMacs, so that I can quote it when I talk with the shipping company tomorrow. I've googled all over without any luck.

    It's obvious that this thing was crushed or dropped from a pretty high vehicle or building.
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    wow, some one dropped that thing or something
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    It's aluminum. My dad works for Alcoa (they make aluminum) and he's commented on how much they make off apple for their cases.
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    Thanks for the info. Any idea on where I can get the spec's for the casing?
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    I had the same problem. I shipped my Powermac G5 2Ghz from the England to the Netherlands. I told the shipper to protect the computer (as I threw away the box :eek:) and they promised me that it would be packed and protected. When it arrived in the the netherlands was battered and bruised. The insurance company did pay up but it was an effort to get them to do it.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Looks like UPS to me, Im running a warehouse and they beat the Sh.. out of our stuff. Many many times items never arrive because they have been destroyed in shipment. Call the Lawyer.
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    we deal with UPS at my place on a daily basis. we get damages all the time. but FedEx is no better. same with DHL. its a game of luck usually.

    this is pretty bad if you ask me. its obviously been dropped or had something done to it. i'd escalate the situation asap.

    did you have insurance on it too?
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    I'll go ask to see If he can find out about it.
    edit: asked him and he said he could probably find out what kind of alloys and stuff go into it and from there we could figure out the strength.
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    Best of luck with your claim. I used to unload the USPS mail from the AMJ containers and they're almost always packed tightly from top to bottom. Generally the guys loading these containers will use the larger boxes to form a base and build their way up until every nook and cranny is occupied. That being said, you could literally have hundreds if not a thousand(s) of pounds sitting on your computer. I generally tried to be careful when I saw computer boxes when unloading the AMJ onto the post office's conveyor belts but it never surprised me to see the odd box completely smashed as the result of sitting underneath all that weight.
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    It looks like they ran over it with a truck.
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    Seems to me UPS is famous for this type of thing. Dell shipped a 21" CRT as a replacement to me a couple of years ago. I came home to a hole on the side of the box and the glass was kicked in. Dell gave me another and dealt with UPS, but I have to tell you UPS said it wasn't packaged correctly. When I told them it came from Dell they quickly shut up.
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    Let me guess... The "unnamed" shipping company was UPS. Aka United Parcel Smashers.

    "Insufficient cushioning" my shiny metal arse. They send the same form letter to everyone.

    Same thing happened to me too when I was shipping a printer a year ago.

    And to many others.

    Also of note that they actually "insure" the packages themselves - i.e. they are BOTH the shipper AND insurer. Naturally, this is against the law - and feds did catch UPS on that, they got investigated... And they still continue doing the same thing. The companies providing insurance and damage assessment are their affiliated structures.

    Just google for "UPS sucks" - you will find a lot of useful info.

    And next time you ship - just avoid them outright. Save yourself the aggravation and use FedEx. Granted, I had stuff damaged or lost by FedEx too - but FedEx were always reasonable when confronted with the fact, and I have always received my money back.

    Plus, FedEx rocks for other reasons. You can pick your stuff up the same day if they missed you - try that with United Parcel Smashers... And they deliver on Saturdays.

    I hate UPS so much I avoid shopping at online stores that offer only UPS shipping. No FedEx or US Mail options - and they are just not getting my money. That simple.
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    FedEx actually use a non-affiliated insurance company, and they pay back for damages. Try that with UPS (well, the OP has tried :):):):) - need I say more?).
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    I have just finished looking at the photos... WOW.

    Even if it was "not packed right", this is clearly an excess amount of damage.

    This is ridiculous, and is an obvious case of mishandling.

    UPS' claim couls hold some water if there was a small dent, or even internal damage... But that Mac is SMASHED.

    Go to Small Claims Court, and sue their asses for the maximum amount possible. It is likely they won't even show up (3K is small change for them, and hiring a lawyer will be more expensive), so you have a chance of winning by default. If not, the judge will be on your side once you show him the pictures, or the ruined Mac itself. No reasonable person would consider this can happen simply because of "bad packaging".
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    Lesson to be learned; Never, Ever put an Apple product in a HP box!!
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    Always keep the box of your current computer. Apple packs their products so well you would never find anything to protect your computer better.
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    I'd like to point out that Apple doesn't just use aluminum – they use some heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum. Real tough stuff. This computer has clearly been mistreated (dropped or thrown around). No question about it.

    In few weeks I was planning on shipping a Mac Pro between continents.... Now I am pretty scared of doing that. I do have the original box though :confused:
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    mom: "why are you still keeping that damn G5 box in my garage?!"

    me: "read this thread here..."

    well, actually I sold that G5 in january, but FedEx wasnt going to let me ship it, until i showed them it was all original packaging and foam, they said "alright!"

    If you have all the original packaging the box can take quite a beating before even the slightest damage touches the computer. Unless its a stabbing type of damage, they yer f-ed anyway.

    FedEx is a "luxury" shipper, you get what you pay for. FYI FedEx and Ground are 2 separate entities. One can not help you with the other in most cases.
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    Oh man! I think Apple should consider suing them for mangling one of their pieces of art!
    That's seriously wrong. Small claims. There's no doubt that's not due to just insufficient packaging.
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    That amount of damage shouldn't even happen to a completely unpacked G5 or MacPro.

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