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How the heck do you use a DSL with Airport wireless?? (password)

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Mineral, May 8, 2004.

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    I moved back to my parents for a few weeks before I move to Kentucky, and I want to use my Belkin 54g wireless router with my 15" Powerbook.

    They have SBC DSL that requires a user name and password, but when you go to the "Airport" Network option, there's no option for PPPoE settings, only DHCP or whatever.

    Can this not work?? I can't figure it out. It recognizes my wireless network but iChat and Safari won't connect.. Help!!! :confused:
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    search the forums, there is quite a few topics on this.
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    Thanks for being so helpful, but I can't find anything that explains how to do this (at least in plain English).
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    i have SBC's 2wire wireless router for my DSL, and the password for it is on the bottom of the modem in the brackets [xxxxxxxxxxx?]. When i called SBC they said that i had to put in a dollarsign in front of the numbers for the password —> $xxxxxxxxxx, the x's represent the numbers in the brackets. hope this helps.
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    I don't think you understand.

    To connect to our DSL you have to enter a username and password for our DSL account. Where do I do that??? OR do I not have to? I have no idea where, how, or what to do. This is really frustrating. :mad:
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    Still nothing. Does anyone know how to help me?
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    You should just have to turn on the Airport, via the Airport Menu (Activated through the Network Preference Pane) and choose the network ID for your Router (What ever that may be). That should be all you need to access your DSL. However in the event that you still can't, I'd look to see if you need a password, but if you do, the Airport should prompt you for it automaticly.

    Hope that helps,

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    Also, to set up PPoE, you must do that through the Router's Software, not the Airport. It is the router that must connect you the DSL, so I'd investigate the ways to configure it and see if that works. Otherwise, the system should prompt you for a password, either when you connect you system via Airpot, or when you try to navigate to your first page.

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    Err.. what if I don't have any router software?
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    plug the modem into the router and you should be set
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    You may not have software, especially OS X software, which installs on your computer. Usually you can get to the software by going to an address on the network such as and the router will ask you to login to it. You may have to use an ethernet cable initially to set it up, not wireless. In the router software you should see a section for PPPoE setup. If this doesn't work, I would try the manufacturer’s website and look for an online instruction manual.

    Good Luck! :)
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    I found the router software and went through the ppoe setup and configured everything fine, and then it still won't connect to the internet. Piece of junk! :mad:
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    time to RTFM which is in plain english. its not a piece of junk, it is the fact that you can't understand it enough to use it.
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    Powerbook G5

    When I got DSL, it wouldn't play well with my Linksys wireless router. I had to do a few calls to Bellsouth before someone could give me instructions on how to set it up. Basically, I had to do this (bear with me since this is all from memory):

    I had to first plug it into the DSL modem (Westell Wirespeed) through ethernet and then connect directly into its firmware by typing in its address in Safari, I think it is after spending forever searching Bellsouth's page trying to find instructions on troubleshooting. Next, I had to go to Expert to adjust settings and turn off PPPoE and set the modem to bridged mode. Then, I had to turn of DHCP and save the settings and close out of Safari. Next, I opened Linksys' firmware by typing its address into Safari. From there, I had to set PPP to PPPoE and set my username and password and then set redial to 180 and the enter in the IP address I use. I closed out of there and unplugged both the modem and the router and then plugged both in. Once the modem retrained the line, Airport recognized the signal and it was golden from there.

    That was the only way I got it to work with DSL, although I still for the life of me cannot figure out how to use WEP or any of that, but it took those extra steps in order to get DSL working since it seems like more is needed than just plugging it in for a cable modem. Maybe that could help with at least giving you a few ideas as to how to get wireless working for you.
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    DSL sucks. At my old place, with cable you just plug it in and it works. I hate how you have to have a username and password for SBC DSL! Oh well, I'll just rough it for two weeks. Thanks anyway.
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    I think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. You take your DSL modem, plug it into the router (whatever kind). In the setup on the router you select DHCP for the WAN address and you put in your login/pw under PPPOE. Done. Am I missing something here?
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    Powerbook G5

    It depends on how your ISP has it configured, so yours may have less steps but other ISPs require a lot more settings to be dealt with.
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    YOUR 54G ROUTER (if it is a DSL Wireless Router) should have a place to enter your passoword and username to log on. To access this, it usually gives you the ip address to the router in the user manual. (There is always a deflaut IP.) After you have entered the information into your dsl router, it should automatically log on using the modem. Then, the router functions as an automatic log-on to the modem and router.

    HOWEVER you cannot just directly plug a normal router into your dsl modem because there is no way for the router to log on. You cannot log on through from your computer through your router and to the modem. To log on, you must directly connect your modem to your computer.

    Or the other case is - if your dsl modem has a network port, then you probably do not need to log on - if you plug-in a normal router, it will automatically start connecting onto the internet. But if it requires a log-on, then you, once again, need a dsl wireless router.
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    Powerbook G5

    Yeah, you need to set your DSL modem to bridged ethernet and the wireless router to PPPoE and then enter your user name and password in the router's setup in order to get DSL to work (at least for Bellsouth). Besides that, it should work fine. I wish they tell you that, but it seems like they keep it hushed so that you spend the extra $5 a month for the networking package unless you go out of your way to give them a call and ask.
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    Delayed hit here, but thank you so much, Powerbook G5 -- this is ***exactly*** what I needed. :D :D :D I had SBC/Yahoo in Michigan and their modem was already setup this way (I guess bc they don't try to milk you for a home networking kit! :)).

    I couldn't get my Linksys Etherfast to work at first (because of this same reason -- its PPPoE got rejected), and then my Airport was able to work in get connection over ethernet mode without another router, but the connection would periodically drop and refuse to re-establish unless I restarted the AEBS.

    Now it all seems happy. Guess I should put the Linksys back in and get the AEBS working back in ethernet mode again.

    Anyway my experience with Bellsouth is worse than with SBC but still better than with Comcast cable internet down here in Jacksonville...it worked for 1.5 days after getting it, stopped working, took three days for them to fix, worked for 10 minutes, stopped working right after the tech left. :( And then it would gain a connection periodically, work for 30 secs - 1 minute, and drop again. :( Some messed up wires somewhere, I guess.

    BTW for anyone else who searches this thread with the same problem...you can also log into the modem by typing http://launchmodem in the browser, so you don't haveta remember the IP address. :cool:

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