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How to burn AHT disk?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by adcx64, Sep 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    My G4 is acting up , by not booting to the Firmtek SATA card, and telling me there's an invalid memory access error in OF. I download the AHT image from apple's site, and it only contains a text file. Does anyone have a copy for the 2003 Dual MDD?

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    The instructions at the top of this page seem to be the same as the instructions for burning the Apple ASD disc,(Apple System Diagnostics) where you use Disk Utility to burn the actual downloaded img file (not the text file inside) to CD.
    It would appear the actual guts of the app are somehow hidden.

    These are the instructions I used to burn my ASD CD which by the way had only text files in it but once burnt, booted and ran the utilities.
    About Creating an ASD Disc
    Apple Service Diagnostic (ASD) can be run from a bootable CD only.
    You must create this CD by downloading the appropriate ASD disc image
    from the CD Images webpage and using Disk Copy to ‘burn’ the image to
    Follow the steps outlined below under “Burning the ASD Image to
    Note: Mounting the ASD disc image (.dmg) reveals several helpful PDF files
    (including this document), but does NOT reveal the ASD application. The ASD
    applications and bootable OS X are hidden files. To run ASD you must burn the
    ASD image to CD and use this ASD CD to boot the system under test.
    Burning the ASD Image to CD
    Follow these instructions to burn a CD using the tools provided by OS X.
    1–Download the ASD disc image (.dmg) from the CD Images webpage on GSX/Service
    2–Launch Disk Copy from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder.
    3–Select Burn Image… from the File menu, navigate to the downloaded image, select it,
    and click Burn.
    4–Insert a 700 MB blank CD into the CD burner and close the carrier. After a few seconds
    the Burn button becomes active. Click Burn and wait until Disc Copy informs you that
    the burn is complete.
    For more information about Apple Service Diagnostic, refer to the Read
    Me, User Guide, and (if present) the test results guide(s) included on the
    disc image.
    Good luck, hope it works out for you.
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    Thanks so much! Worked great, turns out my NVRAM is dead and will not boot with the battery inside.
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    Just glad I could help :)

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