How to clean LCD?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by SoonToGetAMac, Mar 12, 2003.

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    How can I clean the LCD on my iBook? I see some marks on it, but I don't want to make them worse. Household products are the best, but if I have to, I could buy an LCD cleaning kit from a store.
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    Re: How to clean LCD?

    What you want is the iKlear Apple Polish Kit. This is available at The Apple Store (retail and online) as well as assorted computer stores, including Fry's.

    Or you can check out the manufacturer's website.

    You want to be careful what you apply to an LCD screen, but there are some other things you can use, just be careful you don't use anything that can damage the LCD screen.
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    check it

    two lint-free cloths.

    one damp.

    one dry.

    I find those cloths you get with sun or eye glasses work well...
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    A slight variation on the above for the skint amongst us...

    Two paper hankies; one damp, one dry...


    Chris, the cashless one.
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    Please do a search on the Macrumors forums and you will find that this has been discussed in at least 2 different threads. :rolleyes:

    BTW, iklear has been the all around winner in both threads.
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    Sorry about that. I got iKlear and its great. Sorry once again about that.
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    dont be tooooo sorry. its just that some people are REALLY sensitive about it.

    i never see it as a problem. but each his own. i guess its better for arn (the man behind the scenes) so i try to search first. really though, no harm.
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    Okay, great.

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