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How to convert True-HD?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by lixe, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I know that there is a script converting a dts stream to ac3 (mkvdts2ac3), but what should I do if I only got a true-hd stream? For example if I have a mkv with VC1 video and True-HD audio and I want to convert it to a 720p mp4 with ac3 5.1 and aac audio, how could I do that on a mac? I think handbrake will encode the video, but what about the audio stream?

    Hope anyone can help me :)
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    Why would you convert the True-HD audio? :(
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    I consider buying one of the new appletvs and as far as I know it will only play AC3 5.1? So I would have to convert the True-HD stream.
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    As part of the specs for TRUE-HD it should also contain an ac-3 core for backwards compatibility. HandBrake can read this ac-3 substream that is embedded in every TrueHD track and provide passthru directly without any prior conversion.
    This functionality might not be in the latest 0.94 release of HandBrake so you might need to grab a nightly from the site. Additionally, YMMV if your "sourced MKV" has been modified in anyway - I know this functionality works directly from my unencrypted Blu Ray rips
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    The only exception to this would be TrueHD soundtracks from HD-DVD as they did not have the requirement of the integrated AC3 5.1 soundtrack.
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    I will try that and let you know if it worked out!
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    Ok you were right, there is an AC3 stream :)


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