How to copy music from old to new iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by londoner888, Dec 31, 2012.

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    I'm looking to buy a new iPod Touch as I've pretty much maxed my 8gb Nano 6th Gen.

    Thing is, I've had the Nano for 2 years now and during that time I've been through a couple of PCs.

    I always set my iPod to manually update, this means that alot of the music that is on my iPod is not saved on my latest PC's iTunes library.

    Is there a quick way of copying all the music on my Nano to iTunes so I can sync it to the new iPod?
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    There is no easy way to push music from the iPod to a computer. The sync only works the other way (PC to iPod). If your music is iTunes purchases, no biggie: just re-download on your PC (after the sync wipes your iPod music).
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    Well that's a bummer then:(

    Half my music comes from various other sources (7digital, Amazon, Tesco etc.) so it makes the process all the more longer.

    I've used a software called pod2pc before but that's a long process also.
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    That's the best way.

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