how to copy sms from sim card to iphone?

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    i just bought a iphone and i have copied all the contacts from my sim card to iphone, but i am unable to copy all the sms from the sim card to ihone. how can i do that? Please help!
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    Unless there's some software for your old phone to copy them that puts them into the iPhone format, you can't. There's only an import for contacts.
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    You cant.
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    of course you can - you lot made me waste my time just to create an account just to reply. So many places I reseached people saying you can't and start slating the iphone.

    Go to Settings
    Mail, Contacts, Calenders
    Scroll down and select Import SIM contacts
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    If you bothered reading he wants to copy SMS/text messages from his simcard to the iPhone.
    NOT contacts.
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    Hahaha, hope you succeed in getting back your 5 minutes it took to make an account to prove someone wrong when in reality you just look like a shill who doesn't know how to read.

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